6 original ways to revamp your campus ambassador program

Fifty-seven percent of students say peer-to-peer interactions influenced their university decision.

Indeed, a well-executed campus ambassador program can amplify your student recruitment drive.

This is because student ambassadors provide valuable, authentic and experience-driven insights.

But, as we enter a new digital age – one in which technology is essential in attracting a diverse range of students - you can supercharge your recruitment results by updating your traditional ambassador program.

Evolve your campus ambassador program online

Traditional ambassador programs that rely on in-person events are worthwhile... But what if your prospects can't attend? Not just those who are local, but those who live abroad or don't have the financial ability?

This is restrictive and can hinder your recruitment funnel.

Fortunately, a digital-first ambassador program can create effective, authentic, scalable and global connections.

We've got six original, digital-first ways to evolve your program online today:

  1. Champion diversity and extend your reach. Cut down the perception of geographical, cultural and language barriers. How? By placing tailored content and a diverse set of ambassadors on an online platform. This digital platform extends to any prospect, globally, and can communicate your institution's wide breadth of experiences to everyone.
  2. Invest in online peer-to-peer communications. This takes the principle of peer recruitment and shifts it online. This means your institution can go beyond the fleeting, easily lost exchanges of in-person events. Instead, ambassadors can strike up direct conversations with students across the globe in a safe, scalable and friendly way.
  3. Commission user-generated content (UCG). Almost 90 percent of applicants want to see content created by current students. Simplify the effort required for ambassadors to upload exciting photos, videos and written content with an Experience Communication Management (XCM) platform. Commission, review and publish their work easily to your website and social media channels for prospective students to engage with. Discover how the University of the Commonwealth Caribbean implemented UCG with success here.
  4. Make it easier for campus ambassadors to commit to the program. Your ambassadors are hard-working, high achieving students. So it's important to consider and respect how much time they have for the role. You can reduce conflicts, track time worked and add value by offering a fun, gamified experience from taking their work online.
  5. Offer online training and forums. Campus ambassador programs give your students unique opportunities to expand their networking skills, meet new people, and gain valuable experience. Empower your team with the right training and mentoring to ensure they're getting value and helping your recruitment funnel.
  6. Share results and offer rewards! Sharing top-level statistics with your student ambassadors allow them to understand the impact they’re having. You can also incentivize your ambassadors to create great content and provide the best service with online validation channels, leader boards, perks and discounts.

With a digital-led approach, your campus ambassador program can significantly boost your reach and enrollment conversion rates. Better still, your ambassadors can hold some truly authentic, once-in-a-lifetime conversations.

Capture an authentic insight, from anywhere

Prospect needs are changing. This means your institution will have to change alongside them.

Shifting your campus ambassador program online creates a rewarding, diverse and authentic experience for both your ambassadors and prospective students alike.

But it can also have a powerful impact on your marketing, admissions and recruitment success, too.

With the right Experience Communication Management platform, such as TAP, you can stay in control of your brand while reaping the rewards of an ambassador-led recruitment strategy.

If you'd like more information on how our platform can help your ambassador program, please get in touch. We'd love to hear from you.