Looking for a Unibuddy alternative?

Institutions worldwide are switching to The Ambassador Platform to build the kind of connections between current and prospective students that get them chosen over the competition.

TAP feed

Why us?

The TAP Feed lives on your website and is the stage for showcasing your student ambassadors, user-generated content and everything that makes your institution truly unique

"Using TAP has completely changed how I interact with potential university students. I love that I can use the application like social media, and display pictures of my university life. Building an identity on the platform allows students to have a better perspective of what student life at Huron looks like. Personally, I find it to be much more engaging than the platform we were using before because it is more user friendly and modelled more similarly to apps I interact with on a daily basis."
Student Ambassador
Huron at Western, Canada


Unibuddy sells every capability as a standalone product you need to buy separately. The Ambassador Platform is all-in-one, so your ambassadors have everything they need to build powerful connections from the start.


Scales easily

Large university with multiple campuses and growing ambassador programmes? With The Ambassador Platform, you can manage all your accounts from a single dashboard and be in full control.


There for you, always

With The Ambassador Platform, you’ll get consistent support and advice tailored to your needs, all-year-round (and not just an email when your licence renewal is due).


Part of the IDP family

Get access to exclusive joint services, offers and products only available to IDP partners.

Does my licence really include everything?

Unlike with Unibuddy, when you sign up to The Ambassador Platform, you get access to three key capabilities that make it possible for your student ambassadors to share their experiences with prospective students.

The Ambassador Platform
Peer-to-peer chat
Ambassador app
CRM integration
Basic Analytics and reporting
User Generated Content
Campaign personalisation
In-depth analytics and reporting with prospect heat scoring

No time? No worries.

It’s a particularly speedy process for institutions that are already familiar with peer-to-peer. For some, it can take as little as a week!

1. Let’s get talking

Chat with one of our colleagues and get a 30-minute demo of The Ambassador Platform to see how it can help you support your goal and solve the challenges that made you shop around in the first place.  If it looks like The Ambassador Platform is the solution you're looking for, we'll make it easy to seal the deal by offering you to use The Ambassador Platform for free for the remaining duration of your Unibuddy licence.

2. Get on board

We'll match you with a member of the TAP team who'll be there to get you started and help you every step of the way. Your Customer Success Manager will arrange a call with you to understand your priorities more in-depth, help you launch your Feed, and share winning ideas drawn from their experience of working with other Higher Ed institutions worldwide. 

3. Share the good news

Once you're on board, it's time to get your ambassadors excited! We have created a lot of training resources to make your ambassador's transition to our platform as smooth as possible. And to celebrate our new partnerships, we'll also send a care package directly to your mailbox 👀

So, ready to get going?