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Convert more prospective students

We work with 150+ higher education institutions worldwide, making us the experts in student ambassador programs and student acquisition

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Supercharge conversion with TAP

The Ambassador Platform for higher education institutions


Your unique student experience is what sets you apart from the competition. It’s also your most powerful marketing, recruitment and admissions asset. Our platform enables you to showcase your student experience through community storytelling, word-of-mouth and peer connections. 


Grow user to application rate

24 percent of prospects who used TAP went on to apply to the university.

Bucks New University


Convert offer holders

Two-thirds of offer holders who used TAP went on to enroll.

University of Adelaide


Enroll more applicants

87 percent of clearing applicants who used TAP went on to enroll at the university.

The University of Sheffield


Increase content production

121 percent increase in the amount of content posts published compared to the previous three months.


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Solutions for higher education

The Ambassador Platform can be used for multiple recruitment use cases and at every stage of the funnel, from awareness to conversion and beyond.

International recruitment and admissions

Engage international prospects without being constrained by geography, language, or timezones.

Here's how:

  • Create segmented and highly targeted campaigns for different source markets using the Promotion feature.
  • Use multiple languages by translating key elements of the TAP Feed.
  • Understand which countries prospects are coming from and how they behave by harnessing reporting and insights.
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Domestic recruitment and admissions

Engage local or out-of-state prospects using Chat and Content.

Here's how:

  • Match prospects from the same school, town, or state and showcase domestic ambassadors by using the search feature.
  • Drive follow-up conversations from school visits and open days using the Promotion feature.
  • Analyze your efforts using chat transcripts and comprehensive reporting views.
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Widening participation,  outreach, diversity, and inclusion

Reach prospects from non-traditional or underrepresented backgrounds.

Here's how:

  • Create a low barrier to engagement with your college or university using the Content and FAQ features.
  • Create an open and inclusive dialogue with group and peer-to-peer chats.
  • Generate rich CRM records displaying socio-economic and geodemographic data using advanced lead capture.
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Boost marketing and lead generation

Create authentic marketing campaigns using the Content and Promotion features.

Here's how:

  • Monitor campaign performance by using advanced UTM tracking and adding tracking pixels to your TAP Feed.
  • Syndicate content to popular platforms and integrate with social media management tools using our RSS feed.
  • Turn content posts into active lead generation tools by using custom deep hyperlinks.
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Transform conversion
and yield

Flip the traditional conversion/yield model from expensive and time-consuming outbound campaigns to highly personalized, ambassador-driven interactions.

Here's how:

  • Create targeted CTAs for different offer holder segments using the Promotion feature.
  • Understand the likelihood of conversion and retarget at-risk prospects using comprehensive reporting views.
  • Match offer holders with ambassadors from the same country or state using deep hyperlinks to individual ambassador profiles.
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Digital open days and admitted student events

Run your entire digital open day through our platform.

Here's how:

  • Encourage thematic conversations between prospects and ambassadors with group chats.
  • Create real-time user-generated content using the Content feature. Re-purpose these assets live to your social channels via the RSS feed.
  • Embed engaging ambassador profiles and pop-cards across your website with the Promotion feature.
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Students, staff, faculty, alumni, and parents

Any member of your university or college’s community can be an ambassador.

Here's how:

  • Showcase recruitment and admissions staff, faculty members, parent ambassadors, and recent alumni using our flexible profile cards.
  • Engage your most important agents and recruitment partners by creating bespoke TAP Feeds.
  • For those less confident using mobile apps, make use of our simple desktop interface. 
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The University of Adelaide

Harnessing the power of Experience Communication Management (XCM).


The University of Sheffield

Fast set up and a successful virtual open day.

What our customers say

The University of Sheffield

"We were looking for a way to incorporate more of our student voice into our clearing campaign. We've tried web chats in the past but TAP enabled prospective students to make an instant connection with our current students when they were needing to make quick but important decisions."

The University of Sheffield

Gonville & Caius College, University of Cambridge

"One of the most crucial and beneficial elements of school visits to Caius is the chance for school pupils to interact with undergraduates, who may be from a similar background and have themselves embarked on a similar journey to get to Cambridge. In the current circumstances, it is important to keep this interaction going as far as possible, and [TAP] seemed a perfect way to do it."

Gonville & Caius College, University of Cambridge


"The ability to speak to current students who have gone through the same things they have, we felt was really important. TAP really gives us an opportunity to showcase those students, what country they're from, what their interests are, and what they're studying."