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About the University of Adelaide

The University of Adelaide is a large university located in Adelaide, South Australia, counting over 27,000 students. Its four campuses attract thousands of international students every year.

66% offer holder to acceptance rate

The Challenge

Australia is a popular destination for international students, but the decision to move overseas can’t be made easily. The international recruitment team at the University of Adelaide wanted to provide their offer holders with the tools and information they needed to take the plunge.

They thought that the best way to do so was by connecting them with some of their current students who had been through the same process and could talk about how they found starting a new life in Adelaide.


Why The Ambassador Platform

The team at the University of Adelaide spotted the potential of peer-to-peer, and the positive effect that connecting with current students could have on easing doubts of offer-holders and getting them excited about studying there.

The Ambassador Platform’s Feed was the perfect tool for this, combining 1:1 chat with a showcase of the latest pictures and photos generated on campus by the ambassadors.

  • Leverage Peer-to-Peer Connection
  • Ambassador Platform’s Feed Integration
  • Easing Doubts and Building Excitement

Direct conversations

Our Chat feature allowed for authentic, peer-to-peer conversations between prospects and Adelaide’s student ambassadors. These conversations helped answer burning questions, inform students’ decision-making, and give them the confidence to make the best decision about their future.

Easy user-generated content

Our platform makes crowdsourcing, creating, and publishing user-generated content incredibly easy. The photos and videos shared by the ambassadors really brought the university's Feed to life, showing what Adelaide is really like.

Safeguarding by design

Our ‘safeguarding by design’ approach to building our platform, with keyword detection and message flagging is essential to make the Ambassador Platform's Feed a safe space.


“The Ambassador Platform  has certainly got a unique value proposition and an opportunity to connect up students over a digital medium and really open up conversations that might be difficult to replicate with staff in your institution."


Dan Powell
Customer Experience Manager
The University of Adelaide

The Experience

The Adelaide admin team fully embraced The Ambassador Platform, and made peer-to-peer a big focus of their international recruitment strategy. They created email campaigns to connect their offer holders with one of their 11 student ambassadors they felt would be a good match for them, based on their choice of course, country of origin and background.

Very soon, connections were made, and their international offer-holders got a real feeling of what student life was like by chatting with the ambassadors they were paired with, and through the many snapshots shared with the user-generated content feature of the platform.

The team was also incredibly impressed by the commitment of their ambassadors: they all developed strong working relationships with prospective students, engaging in conversations that lasted up to several months. Suddenly, moving overseas seemed a little less daunting.

Once offers were accepted, Adelaide did not stop there: they went a step further and hosted an event called ‘Meet Your Student Ambassador’, where they connected the new students with their ambassador buddies. It was a lovely way to round off a brilliant conversion period and allow for some valuable, real-world networking at a university-organized event. 

The International Team’s use of the platform has been such a success that Adelaide has now brought their Domestic Team onto it too, connecting key home markets with their local ambassadors.



With The Ambassador Platform up and running, the University of Adelaide achieved a 66% acceptance rate for offer holders who engaged with ambassadors.

More than 400 students from 59 different countries chatted with the ambassadors during their conversion period and exchanged a staggering 12,000 messages. And as the cherry on top, the team involved has been shortlisted for a university award for their brilliant customer service work delivered through the platform. 

Watch our video with Customer Experience Manager, Dan Powell, as he talks about why they chose The Ambassador Platform, the benefits they've seen, and why peer-to-peer conversations turned out to be a game-changer

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