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Scaling your ambassador program without scaling your team

About Fanshawe College

Fanshawe College is a renowned international college with campuses across London and Norfolk, Ontario (Canada). The college provides high levels of education to more than half a million people worldwide and offers over 200 degrees, certificates and diplomas.

The college was looking for a solution that would let them connect current students to prospective ones so that they could share thoughts and experiences about campus life.

After narrowing their search down to two options, Fanshawe chose The Ambassador Platform based on its track record of providing high-quality services to other colleges and institutions around the world.

The Challenge

Fanshawe College was looking for a solution that would enable their international prospects to speak to current students who have experienced college and city life.

According to their research, almost all their international students were interested in a service that would let them ask questions about the quality of the education, what the city was like and how they found their overall time at the college.

Of course, the college could answer all these questions from an institutional perspective, but prospective students thought it lacked a personal touch. Instead, the views from Fanshawe's current students came across as much more honest and authentic, and therefore trustworthy. That's why in 2021, Fanshawe College chose The Ambassador Platform to connect their student ambassadors to prospective ones online. 




"The reason we chose The Ambassador Platform was the use cases. We looked at their clients around the world and how they were using the platform, and we found those cases to be very strong. Also, we became bigger believers in The Ambassador Platform based on the support we've gotten, and how flexible everyone has been"

Saurabh Malhotra
Director, International Recruitment & Market Development
Fanshawe College

Seamless CRM integration

The CRM integration allows Fanshawe College to track and evaluate how many students sign up to chat with ambassadors, and how these interactions influence their decision to apply or enroll at the college.

Excellent customer support

Since onboarding, the college has received regular and ongoing support from our fantastic Customer Success Team to ensure they make the most of the platform.

Safeguarding by design

Our ‘safeguarding by design’, including automatic keyword detection and conversation flagging, offers a safe space for messages to be exchanged on the platform.

The Journey

Fanshawe College started their journey by building their Digital Ambassador team. They wanted their ambassadors to come across as authentic and personable without being overly institutional. Diversity of representation was also incredibly important to them. To select their ambassadors, they took into account the student's program of study, and asked each candidate to send a short video talking about themselves and why they wanted to be an ambassador.

When they started the program, they recruited 18 ambassadors hosted a workshop on how to use The Ambassador Platform, and provided guidance on how to approach chat conversations with prospective students; the team also created a WhatsApp group to foster a sense of community among the ambassadors and exchange advice.

To ensure their ambassador program ran smoothly, the Fanshawe team built a fantastic incentivization system, including a certificate of participation and weekly giveaways for the ambassadors who spoke to the most students.

In only 18 months, Fanshawe College scaled its ambassador team from 18 students to 78 without scaling its admin team. If you want to find out how they did this, check out our Customer Spotlight webinar with Priyank Mistri, Digital Recruiter at Fanshawe College.



In the past 18 months, Fanshawe College has seen some outstanding results, including an increase in students applying to the college:3,560 prospects signed up on the platform

3,560 prospects signed up on the platform.
56,000+ messages exchanged between prospective students and Fanshawe's ambassadors.
2.5h average response time.
600 appointments booked with their recruitment team as a result of peer-to-peer chats
127 applications submitted (and counting!)

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