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Bring the story of your institution to life

Your unique student experience is what sets you apart from the competition. Through peer conversations and user-generated content you can tell your institution’s story in a genuine and truly personal way.

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The Ambassador Platform for community storytelling


Traditional marketing cannot truly convey what makes your university special, and is far less trusted than user-generated content and peer recommendations. Our platform facilitates peer-to-peer conversations, and the generation of rich content, so you can authentically tell the story of your institution.

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Showcase your story

Our  TAP Feed is a unique window where you can post your user-generated content to demonstrate the richness of life at your institution. You can opt for either a hosted TAP Feed, or an embedded one on your site.

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Quickly crowdsource user-generated content

Create authentic and vibrant content for your social media channels in collaboration with your student ambassadors. Our scheduling and collaboration tools make it quick and easy to request and manage content from your student ambassadors.

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Easily repurpose user-generated content

Content created by student ambassadors can be easily repurposed across your social media with our simple integration into your social media management tool.

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Hassle-free content management

Automatically build a rich resource of user-generated content with our library feature. All content your student ambassadors create is automatically stored in your content library making it easy to manage and repurpose.

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Build genuine relationships

Prospective students are able to participate in highly personal, one-to-one and group conversations, with your student ambassadors which build engagement and trust in your institution.

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Build vibrant marketing campaigns

Easily repurpose user-generated content, and create highly targeted, and personal campaign assets to enhance your recruitment marketing.

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What it's really like

What it's really like

The most authentic voice we have at the Academy is that of our current students. [...] What better way to show or tell what it’s really like to be a student at Business Academy Aarhus, than to let the students do it for you?

Andy Grantham - International Project Manager, Business Academy Aarhus
Community Storytelling spotlight

Learn more about how customers are using The Ambassador Platform to supercharge their user-generated

content creation and marketing campaigns.

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Right from when they first started working with us, NCUK has consistently repurposed the excellent content created by their ambassadors to use on their social media channels and their website. Not only has this given their channels a vibrant feel and engaging content, it’s also ensured the faces of their ambassadors are across their digital touchpoints. Read the case study to find out more.

Read the case study
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What our customers say

The University of Sheffield

"We were looking for a way to incorporate more of our student voice into our clearing campaign. We've tried web chats in the past but TAP enabled prospective students to make an instant connection with our current students when they were needing to make quick but important decisions."

The University of Sheffield

Gonville & Caius College, University of Cambridge

"One of the most crucial and beneficial elements of school visits to Caius is the chance for school pupils to interact with undergraduates, who may be from a similar background and have themselves embarked on a similar journey to get to Cambridge. In the current circumstances, it is important to keep this interaction going as far as possible, and [TAP] seemed a perfect way to do it."

Gonville & Caius College, University of Cambridge


"The ability to speak to current students who have gone through the same things they have, we felt was really important. TAP really gives us an opportunity to showcase those students, what country they're from, what their interests are, and what they're studying."