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Accelerating prospect conversion through peer-to-peer conversations

Alliance University is an innovative university in Bengaluru that was keen to leverage their students' voice by offering them a space to have conversations with prospects as well as share content about student life.

The Challenge

Before implementing The Ambassador Platform, Alliance University already worked with student and alumni ambassadors in promoting the institution, although this was mostly done on an ad hoc basis at online events. The Marketing and Communications Team wanted an innovative digital solution that would allow prospects the opportunity to connect with current students throughout the recruitment funnel. They also wanted to showcase their new offering of Liberal Arts courses, and encourage more applications to these subject areas. The Ambassador Platform was the perfect solution to harness the power of the student voice to attract and convert more students throughout the funnel!


Why The Ambassador Platform

"What I noticed when I started using the platform was the rapid increase in engagements [with prospective students] and the conversion of those leads. We’ve never struggled to attract leads to the institution, but we wanted to focus on conversion activities. We wanted a platform that would support us in that, and The Ambassador Platform filled that gap! 


Previously, if prospects were in the middle of the recruitment funnel, they would often get stuck there. They would reach out to counsellors to get their questions answered, but they would still move slowly through the pipeline. However student ambassadors did a great job at converting those prospects into enrolled students at a quicker rate. 


Authenticity plays a big part in this - prospects reach out to our ambassadors with the same sorts of questions they ask counsellors. However, the Ambassador Platform allows for natural and raw conversations to take place. The ways of engagement are authentic, and the platform saves us a lot of time and effort"


Muhammad Abrar Bhat
Marketing Manager 
Alliance University


Nurture relationships with future students

The Ambassador Platform provided the ideal solution for Alliance University to nurture their leads by connecting them with current students who were able to answer their questions in an authentic way. The Content and FAQ features serve as additional channels for the university to showcase the student experience, and to grow their community. 

Quick onboarding

Despite only having one admin managing the newly created digital ambassador programme, the platform could be set up quickly. It took just 2.5 weeks from having the Kick Off Call with a dedicated Customer Success Manager from The Ambassador Platform to seeing the first prospects interacting with ambassadors on Alliance’s website. 


Thanks to the platform’s enhanced reporting, CRM integration, and content creation features, the Marketing and Communications Team at Alliance have simplified their processes around working with ambassadors. The time it takes to convert students to acceptance/enrollment has also improved dramatically.


In the first 4 months of going live (from 1st July - 31st October), Alliance ambassadors have:

  • Engaged in conversation with 142 prospective students.
  • Sent 1,276 messages across 184 conversations on topics ranging from the institution’s courses, standard of teaching, facilities, and student life.
  • 2,692 prospects have also taken significant value and insights from visiting Alliance’s Feed and engaging with the 70 pieces of user-generated content that have been created by student ambassadors.

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