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5 ways to demonstrate the true student experience pre-enrollment

The case for Higher Education (HE) Institutions collaborating with their student content creators is pretty straightforward.

That's because they aren't just selling courses and degrees; they're providing an experience. And who has a better understanding of that experience than those people living it right now?

Current students know what prospective students want to see pre-enrollment. So, it makes sense to work alongside your student community to create the most engaging, interesting, insightful and experience-led content possible.

So, we've got five examples that any university can use to demonstrate an authentic student experience to prospects.

Closing the Insight Gap

The goal is to close the Insight Gap, a chasm between what your institution is like and what prospects perceive it to be.

But getting across the magic that makes your university or college unique can be a real challenge.

As the resident experts, get your students or student ambassadors to create content that gives every prospect an authentic insight into your institution.

To do this, we recommend content such as:

1. A day in the life

More than 80 percent of senior leaders in higher education say that students of the future judge a campus by how 'alive' it is.

Why not get that message across by asking your ambassadors to create/share a day in the life blog or video? Prospects can get a sense of whether they'll find a home away from home on your campus.

2. Quick questions answered via video

Eighty-nine percent of applicants want to see content created by current students.

A question and answer session on TikTok, for example, is a simple and effective way to share the answers to common questions. It also gives prospects a good idea of how passionate students are in their responses.

3. Things you need to pack

Deciding what to take to university can be pretty overwhelming. And, it may be easier and cheaper to purchase specific items when prospects arrive.

A straightforward, scannable checklist sourced from and approved by your students could be very valuable.

4. Campus secrets

The day-to-day nuances of campus life are significant. It's helpful for prospects to gauge the experience by listening to current students.

'Campus secrets' might include:

  • The quietest places to study
  • The best times to go to the gym/library/cafe
  • The most cost-effective places to get food
  • The closest culture spots to campus

Whatever it is, hearing these insider tips from your current students will help prospects form a better understanding of what their life might be like if they were to enroll at your institution.

5. Get to know your new city

For the majority of undergraduates, attending university means leaving home and moving to a new city.

A blog on the 'top tips for settling in' will help ease the nerves of those moving away from home. This can include things like how to register with a doctor, as well as 'must see' tourist destinations in the city.

Find what works for your university

Experience-led content allows your institution to share the magic that happens on campus with prospective students anywhere in the world and allows them to a confident and informed decision about their future.

The Ambassador Platform makes it easy to collaborate with student ambassadors to create and share great content. This is done through its unique Content feature. Using the Content feature, you can collaborate with student ambassadors through content groups. Also, with the tagging and search functionality, you can find and reuse content on an ongoing basis from the Admin Dashboard.

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