3 reasons we can’t wait for AIEC 2019

We’re thrilled to be exhibiting at the 33rd annual Australian International Education Conference (AIEC) in Perth next week!

If you’re heading to AIEC, be sure to stop by booth 39 and find out how we can help transform your student recruitment by putting your current students at the heart of what you do and in direct contact with your prospects.

As we get set for what will no doubt be a terrific week in Perth, here’s a trio of reasons why we’re so happy to be part of AIEC.

  1. It’s our first time at AIEC

We love visiting new places and making new friends, and next week will be our first time exhibiting at AIEC and, quite simply, we can’t wait!

So, if nothing else, come and say hi!

We’ve already made some great partnerships Down Under

Over the last couple of months, we’ve started working with RMIT and the University of Adelaide, while we’re soon to start a trial with Up Education in New Zealand too. They are all using our technology to transform their peer recruitment efforts.

Not only that, we’ve spent the last two months travelling all around Australia and New Zealand meeting a variety of institutions. We’ve been blown away by the passion of the higher education sector here and the excellent student recruitment work that is going on here.

We’d love to make a few more friends before we fly home to the UK, so come and chat with us about how we can make a difference to your recruitment efforts too.

We’re just like AIEC itself - leading the way

The theme of this year’s event - leading the way - really resonates with everyone who works for The Access Platform. For us, leadership isn’t confined to to a management team or board of directors; your students can be leaders too, that’s why they can be such a powerful part of your recruitment and marketing mix.

Think about it; 82% of international students use social media to research universities before making an enquiry, 80% of applicants choose their university based on word-of-mouth information, and 89% of applicants want to see content created by current students (data from UCAS Media and Times Higher Education).

What we take from those stats are that Universities need to be working with Student Ambassadors and making them a key part of the recruitment mix - they should be available to chat to prospects and they should be creating amazing content for your website and social channels that offer a window onto life on your campus. It’s something we think of as peer recruitment and we reckon every university should have a peer recruitment strategy.

Come along to booth 39 throughout AIEC to find out how we can help you get started! Book a time to chat with us now!