Take prospective students from engaged to enrolled

Engage, recruit, and retain domestic and international students, from the initial exploration to their first day on campus (and beyond!). The Ambassador Platform is an all-in-one solution that will help you identify and target your most engaged prospective students through customised conversion campaigns.

student strolling around campus

One platform for all your targeting needs

Discover how our platform can help you target, engage and convert best-fit future students. From behavioural insights into each individual journey, to customised campaign content that gets them in front of your ambassadors.

TAP Feed

Think of this as a virtual meet-and-greet. A trustworthy way for prospective students to connect and reconnect with ambassadors over their unique experiences through chat, content and FAQs.

Admin Dashboard

See how prospective students are engaging with your current students, manage student ambassadors and keep on top of your peer-to-peer campaign - all from one dashboard.

Ambassador App

Student ambassadors get pocket-sized access to everything they need to succeed as your recruiters. From profile customisation, to connecting with prospects and reaping rewards for their efforts.


Show future students what your institution is like, without them having to set foot on campus. Bring the excitement of your university to life through webinars, virtual open days, taster sessions and Q&As.


Connect your future students not only with the student ambassadors, but also with each other throughout their enrolment journey (and beyond!)

Custom Campaigns

Create highly tailored campaigns featuring only the most relevant student ambassadors and content to keep your prospective students coming back for more.

Frequently Asked Questions

At which stage of the funnel is TAP most effective?

The Ambassador Platform helps institutions engage students across the recruitment journey, but it’s at the Application and Offer Acceptance stage where the real magic happens.

What’s the best way to promote my Feed?

Through personalised email campaigns, on their website with pop-ups, on social media, with email signatures, during open days… Institutions get very creative, and we’ve seen it all!

Which metrics can I track on my Dashboard?

Institutions typically track marketing and recruitment-related outcomes, like Application Rate, Offer Acceptance Rate, Enrollment Rate and Cost Per Lead, but also time saved by staff by using TAP.

So, ready to get going?