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Case studies

Learn more about how 170+ institutions from around the world use The Ambassador Platform and the power of peer-to-peer to engage prospective students throughout the recruitment funnel.

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NAFSA 2023 (1)

Royal College of Art

Tripling conversion rates and creating a buzz among offer holders

Heading to university is an exciting experience, but it can be daunting, especially for students who are uprooting their lives to move to a new city or even a new country. That's when the excitement starts mixing with other, more complex feelings of uncertainty (and perhaps a little fear!). London-based Royal College of Art wanted to create a community ahead of their 2023 September intake to help prospective students feel more confident and prepared for the big leap ahead. Find out how they achieved this using our Group Chat feature.

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University of Galway

University of Galway

Keeping prospects engaged with online events

For international students, it can be hard to get a sense of what the university is really like and have the opportunity to hear from current students as an international prospect. That's when online events can be a game-changer.

University of Galway’s International Office tackled the challenge of engaging applicants from oversees by hosting a series of online events using Streams on The Ambassador Platform in the lead-up to their main September 2023 intake.

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University of South Australia

The University of South Australia

Giving conversions a boost by switching peer-to-peer providers 

The University of South Australia wasn't satisfied with its existing peer-to-peer platform and went on a hunt for an alternative that would help the team make the most of their ambassador programme to increase offer conversions.  

The Ambassador Platform helped them save the day.

Alliance University Case Study (1)

Fanshawe College Canada

Scale your ambassador programme without scaling your team

The Ambassador Platform helped Fanshawe College increase student applications and scale their ambassador programme from 18 to 78 ambassadors, all without increasing their team size.

Learn how Fanshawe College got some impressive results, and discover how you can do the same for your institution.

Rochester independent College

Rochester Independent College

Digital School Advocacy

Rochester Independent College (RIC) is a UK-based sixth-form college that needed to build a digital community for the school.

By placing a significant amount of trust in their students, and using The Ambassador Platform to showcase Rochester’s unique student experience, they built a network of reliable and passionate advocates for the college that attract the students of tomorrow. 

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University of Technology Sydney

Creating meaningful human connections to increase conversions.

Starting a new life overseas can be daunting. The University of Technology Sydney (UTS) wanted to offer future students a window into their unique student experience.

They were looking for a way for prospective students to hear from their peers and find out what it’s like to study at Australia’s number one young university, and increase conversion rates in the process.

The results were incredible.


University of Sydney Case Study

The University of Sydney

Supporting International Student Recruitment

The years of the coronavirus pandemic had a profound impact on student recruitment at Higher Ed institutions around the world.

As Australian borders closed, the University of Sydney (USYD) faced arguably its toughest recruitment challenge ever and turned to The Ambassador Platform for help.




Using student-generated content for social media marketing

Throughout our partnership, NCUK has consistently repurposed the top-notch content created by their ambassadors to fuel their social media campaign and make their website as engaging as it can be

An influx of user-generated content and crowdsourced answers to prospective students' FAQs changed the way NCUK did recruitment, during and beyond the pandemic.



The University of Adelaide

The power of peer-to-peer recruitment

Adelaide’s fantastic student ambassadors, and equally brilliant admin team, have worked hard to build powerful peer-to-peer relationships with International prospective students and offer holders through chat, FAQs and eye-catchy pictures and video

The results have been so good that their Domestic team wanted in, too.


The University of Sunderland

Speedy setup and a successful virtual open day

When The University of Sunderland met The Ambassador Platform, it seemed like a match made in heaven. Here's how the team embraced the power of our peer-to-peer, setting up the platform in a record 10 days to host a virtual open day. 


Alliance University Case Study

Alliance University

Converting prospects quicker through peer-to-peer conversations 

Alliance University wasn't new to working with student and alumni ambassadors in promoting the institution, but before partnering with The Ambassador Platform, it was ad hoc at online events.

The Marketing and Communications Team wanted more: a solution that would let prospects connect and build connections with current students throughout the recruitment funnel.

Alliance University Case Study (1)

Downing College, Cambridge

Student mentoring

Downing College wanted to give year 12 and year 13 students the opportunity to connect with others online to get support pre and post-application, and share general tips and advice about studying at the University of Cambridge.

The Ambassador Platform was just the thing they needed to run their mentorship programme in a safeguarded, digital environment. 

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Keble College

Keble College, Oxford

Running events for access and outreach using Streams

In an effort to reduce barriers to entry, and to increase access to genuine advice from students who have recently been through the process themselves, Keble College organized a Q&A session between their ambassadors and students from state schools who offered admissions interviews for the 2022/23 academic year.

Keble chose to host their event using our new events product Streams.

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CG Spectrum

CG Spectrum

Recruiting students for digital programmes

Innovation is at the heart of everything CG Spectrum does as an education provider.

Never resting on the competition, they decided to take their recruitment and marketing strategy to the next level by creating a new space where their internationally-diverse prospects could connect to ambassadors of similar backgrounds to learn about their experiences.

TAP Dulwich College Singapore

Dulwich College, Singapore

The importance of parent advocacy

Like many schools around the world, Dulwich College (Singapore) knows the importance of recommendations from other parents; their own research shows them that 75% of parents rely on them.

The College wanted to harness those insights but, until recently, it was done in an informal manner. When they decided to formalise that process and be sector leaders in using the experience of parents to inform others, that’s when we came in.



Keble College, University of Oxford

Taking widening participation online

Given the nature of the widening participation and outreach work, there is an underlying aim to try and engage more with students from under-represented groups.

Keble College, University of Oxford, wanted a way to connect with  these types of students and partnered with The Ambassador Platform to make it happen.


Cambridge Judge Business School, University of Cambridge

From conversation to application

For Cambridge Judge Business School (the University of Cambridge’s business school) peer recommendations are important. Students are investing in their own futures, and the ability to find out first-hand what the programmes are like and the difference they can make to your career is a powerful part of the decision-making process.

CJBS has used The Ambassador Platform to help with recruitment for its Executive MBA (EMBA) since 2019 and has seen meaningful results.

Sutton Trust-1

The Sutton Trust

Outreach support online

Like thousands of other organizations around the world, The Sutton Trust had its plans ripped up during the global coronavirus pandemic of 2020. Their summer school programming was forced to move online and be delivered in a completely new way.

With The Ambassador Platform, The Sutton Trust turned this challenge into an opportunity, supporting even more students than expected.




The University of Sheffield

Driving applications during Clearing

For the University of Sheffield, like all UK institutions, Clearing is a “make-or-break” time in the recruitment process: it’s how they fill any places they still have on their courses by opening up applications for prospective students who haven’t locked in an offer.

With the help of The Ambassador Platform, they converted 87% of Clearing prospects.

Higher Horizons+

Higher Horizons+

User-generated content

Higher Horizons+ offers higher education outreach to targeted UK secondary schools and colleges throughout Staffordshire, Shropshire, and Cheshire. They came to The Ambassador Platform looking for digital support in their outreach work.

Looking to build relationships and start conversations with their target students, as well as provide accessible support, our user-generated content feature was just what they needed.




The University of Bolton

Virtual open days

The global coronavirus pandemic has brought with it unprecedented challenges for university recruitment and admissions teams, in particular when it comes to open days, which are still a vital part of a prospective student's decision-making process. The University of Bolton decided to switch their March 2020 open day to an online event and used TAP to help make it a success.




The Queen’s College, University of Oxford

Widening participation

The Queen’s College wanted to extend their reach into areas they’ve never traditionally been involved with. They wanted to use digital chats to help demystify what life is like studying at their college and to help with their widening participation efforts. In particular, they wanted to reach specific students in the North West of England and facilitate conversations with their student ambassadors.


A game changer for our college

We did some research on various [...] platforms and found TAP was definitely the best fit for our needs. Students want to talk to students, and giving them access to this in a very safe and honest environment will be a game changer for our college. To also give our current students the opportunity for personal development and peer recognition is heart-warming to see.

Heidi Monsour - Director of Marketing and Admissions, Griffith College