On-Demand Webinar

Do you know what student ambassadors really want? (APAC)


Do you really know what student ambassadors need to thrive in their roles? If you’ve managed ambassador programs before, your answer will likely be an easy “yes”. But you might be wrong.

We surveyed 300+ active student ambassadors from around the world (and some of their program managers!), and they had a lot to say.

Join Kirsty, Micah and Murangi to delve into the survey's insights, and hear first-hand from a student ambassador what really matters to them. As a bonus, after the webinar you'll get your own copy of the survey report. See you soon!

This webinar includes content that was previously discussed on January 31st. However, this session is specifically tailored for the APAC audience. If you attended the previous session, you may find similarities in the content.