What's new? September 2020

It's time for this month's update from our terrific in-house product team - keep scrolling to see what they've been up to!

Monthly leaderboard notifications



Keeping your ambassadors engaged and incentivized is really important - following our recent leaderboard release we are now sending notifications at the start of each new month to let ambassadors know their position in your institution's league table for the previous month. This includes an encouraging message to keep up the good work, and will hopefully tap into any competitive spirits out there!

Don't forget, your ambassadors earn career points for everything they do on our platform, and earn bonus points for any content or FAQs of theirs you publish. These points also tie into their personalised career reference and help us pick our ambassador of the month.

Improved TAP Page logic



To show prospects that there has been recent activity on your TAP Page, if there aren’t any ambassadors online at the time they arrive on your page, we will display two profiles that were most recently online, along with one that matches the nationality of the prospect, if applicable. This will help keep your TAP Page looking fresh each time a prospect comes back to it.

Grab Ambassador link URLs



Admins have always been able to access individual profile links for ambassadors in the Ambassador List. We have now added this link to the Ambassadors’ profile on the TAP Page, so that both prospects and ambassadors can copy, share and save direct access to an individual ambassador’s profile.