What's new? October 2019

It's time for our monthly roundup of our latest new features that you will definitely want to know about and start using.

This month, we’re very excited to bring you news of the brand new drop downs on your TAP Page, the ability for ambassadors to invite admins to join a conversation, and a neat feature that makes it even easier for prospects to sign up and start chatting.

TAP Page drop downs 


We’re kicking off this month’s update with a brand new feature! These drop downs on your TAP Page allow prospective students to use search in an entirely different way. 

As admins, you can create custom filters with up to three headings and add in your own drop down options. Typically, ‘course’, ‘nationality’ or ‘type of student’ are good examples, but it’s different for everyone. It just makes it much easier to prompt people into making their search and seeing the relevant content they’re interested in.

Check them out now!

Ambassadors can invite admins to conversations



Ambassadors can now select to ‘Invite an Admin’ to the conversation with just a couple of clicks, direct from the app - all they need to do is tap the hamburger menu in the top right of a chat window and select ‘invite admin’.

Although admins can join a conversation at any time, there was previously no way for ambassadors to request this. This new feature will be helpful in cases where ambassadors need help answering questions about admissions, or visas, for example. Admins will receive a notification via email, and then be able to join the conversation to help out. 

In light of this new feature, here’s something for your to-do list; admins should speak to their ambassadors to let them know who is best to add to their conversations if they need help.

Improved sign up for prospective students


Lastly, we’ve made our sign up process easier by enabling prospects to type their message in the text box, hit send, and then sign up for an account. Once they’re signed up this will be sent on to the ambassador. 

Just another little tweak to try and get those conversations flowing as quickly as possible!