What's new? May 2020

Whether you're still on lockdown, or starting to edge back to 'normal', everyone here at TAP hopes you're continuing to stay safe and cope as best you can. It's time to catch up with this month's updates from our fantastic in-house product team here at TAP - this month we have some particularly cool new features for you.

This month we have a bumper list of updates to tell you about, specifically smart profile matching, email notifications and desktop chat access, and the new content schedule.

Smart profile matching


To improve the experience of your prospective students when they first land on your TAP Page, they will now be shown one ambassador profile of the same nationality (if there is such an ambassador), and up to two ambassadors that are currently online (if applicable).

We always advocate for personalisation in your recruitment activities, so we hope by making the first profiles a prospective student sees as relevant as they can be will increase the conversion to conversation rate. And, we think that including online ambassadors will increase the speed of replies leading to a better experience.

Email notifications and desktop chat access


Email notifications have arrived! In the app settings ambassadors can opt to be notified by email when they receive a chat message from a prospective student.

In addition, they can now reply to that message on a desktop by clicking on the link in the email notification.

New! Content schedule!


Hopefully you've already seen this (and have maybe even started using it)...the content schedule is now up and running!

The Content Schedule is designed to help you to plan ahead content requests for your Ambassadors in line with your content plan. Essentially, it’s a content calendar that will automatically send out content requests to your Ambassadors, which they’ll receive as a push notification and be able to respond to.

We also have some default suggestions in there to get you started, which you can deactivate if you’d like to. It’s a big time saver! Check out our recent blog about it.

In the meantime, don't forget to also check out our podcast and sign up to our newsletter!