What's new? June 2019

Here at The Access Platform, we're always unleashing new features and refining our product with killer updates - and we're really proud to do so. With that in mind, we've decided to make more noise about the *ace* work of our tech team, starting now!

This month, the standouts from our list of updates are reporting, fuzzy search and the ability to add additional admins. Keep scrolling to find out more and imagine what difference they could make to your peer-to-peer recruitment efforts!

Reporting - now available!


We’re really excited about our new reporting dashboard, for a couple of reasons. First of all it means admins can - at a glance -  see how many new prospects they’ve engaged, how much content has been created, how many chat messages have been sent and how long their ambassadors are taking to answer questions.

Second, using the ‘time’ section, admins can see how much time their ambassadors spend working via TAP - making it really easy to work out exactly how much to pay them. 

Fuzzy search across the TAP Page


We’re incredibly conscious of making sure the search function on the TAP Page is as robust as possible, so prospects can easily find the information, content and ambassador profiles they are looking for. So, we’ve added fuzzy search to the TAP Page.

What’s fuzzy search? Basically, it’s smarter searching; keywords that are misspelled or partially typed will be better identified, and more related search terms will be delivered.

Fuzzy search is up and running on every TAP Page out there - pretty cool, huh?

Additional admins


Our platform has three quite different features for you to use - Chat, Content and FAQs. These different features often require different people’s involvement; for example, a recruitment team might want to know what sort of things are being asked in any chats, while the marketing and social media squads will likely want to get involved on the content side and harvest that delicious user-generated content.

In short, we get it - which is why you can now easily invite colleagues to join you as administrators on The Access Platform, with just a couple of clicks. Bish, bash, bosh - done!

Like the sound of these features? Want to find out more about our fantastic platform and how it will help you attract, engage and convert more students, using the power of peer-to-peer recrtuiment ? Hit the button below and book a demo with us!