What's new? January's product updates

It's time for our first product update of 2021!

Once again, our amazing in-house product team has been at work improving our platform and adding new features. Here's a selection of what they've done this month.

New headers on your TAP Page


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To make life even easier for prospects to navigate your TAP Page and quickly switch between being able to view Ambassador profiles, Content, and FAQs, you'll see there are new header menus showing.

Check out your TAP Page now and see how simple it is to tab between each section!

Message functionality - reply directly & delete


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We've got two important add-ons to the messaging functionality in Chat conversations to tell you about this month. First, Ambassadors, prospects, and you as Admins can now also reply directly to specific messages within conversations, similar to WhatsApp. This is something Ambassadors have been asking us about for a while now, so we hope it will make managing conversations even easier - especially in Group Chats.

Second, within the dashboard you can now delete specific messages in the Messaging section, if you need to. We hope you won’t need to use this feature very much but it just adds an extra layer of safeguarding.

Data management tab


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Our new Data Management tab enables you to easily customise after which period of time you’d like us to delete prospect data. If a prospect’s account has been inactive for the period of time you set, they will receive an email three days in advance of their account being deleted to let them know. The default period is set to three years and you don't need to take any action unless you'd like to change this.