What's new? December 2020

It's time for our final product update of 2020, and it's another terrific one. 

Our incredible in-house product team has been as busy as ever this month, and have delivered two exciting new features that we want to tell you about.

Keep scrolling for the details...

New feature #1 - Group Chats now available!



Our long-awaited Group Chats feature was released this week and we are very excited about it!

This feature enables multiple prospects to engage with multiple ambassadors on a specific theme or topic from your TAP Page; you can use this to support virtual events, live drop ins, or have ongoing themed chats on the TAP Page.

New feature #2 - Social Proof is here!



Another brand new feature for you! Social Proof is a new TAP Page offering, which is designed to encourage more prospects to engage with your ambassadors.

In short, it’s a line of text that will sit in the top right hand corner of your TAP Page stating ‘Join X people who have gained first hand insights at X University’.

Improved ambassador desktop/laptop experience



Alongside Group Chats, we have improved the user experience for ambassadors using the desktop to reply to chats from prospects. It now has an easy-to-access view of all individual conversations and group chats so that ambassadors can much more easily keep track of who they’re speaking to.