What's new? April 2020

Just like last month, we really hope you're safe and well in what are unprecedented and confusing times. It's time to catch up with this month's updates from our fantastic in-house product team here at TAP - this month we have some particularly cool new features for you.

This month we have a bumper list of updates to tell you about, specifically the ability to like and share pieces of Content and FAQs, SMS notifications for prospective students, and a new leaderboard in the Ambassador app.

Like and share Content and FAQs


We're kicking off with an exciting new feature that will make your TAP Page even more engaging and interactive; the ability to like and share individual Content posts and FAQs.

Yes, Content and FAQ posts can now be ‘liked’, shared and viewed by prospects on the TAP Page. We also have a report in the dashboard so that you can see which content is being engaged with the most!

SMS notifications for prospective students


Your prospective students now have a new option for staying connected with you; students signing up to chat to your Ambassadors now have the option to receive notifications via SMS, which will help to keep conversations going for longer, and at a speedier rate of exchange!

Oh, and a heads up - WhatsApp notifications will be following shortly…

New leaderboard in the Ambassador app


Finally, something for your Ambassadors...in the app there's a new leaderboard that refreshes on a monthly basis to keep Ambassadors incentivised to continue with the great work they’re doing. They can view how many career points they’ve earned in the month, and see what position they’re ranked in compared to their fellow Ambassadors.

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