Two conferences in two days? Bring it on!

This week is a busy one for us here at TAP HQ. Why? Because we’re going to be at two different and excellent conferences on two consecutive days.

Those events are the Independent Higher Education Annual Conference on Tuesday 26 November, followed by Universities UK’s Marketing and communications in Higher Education: Reach, reputation and value conference a day later.

Both are in London and both will see delegates given the opportunity to talk to us and find out more about our excellent peer recruitment platform.

As we make sure we have everything packed for these two events, here’s a few things we’re excited about - apart from the opportunities to meet and network with lots of lovely HE folk of course!

More insights on Gen Z

Both events feature sessions on Gen Z - as does our most recent podcast episode (shameless plug). At the IHE event, we’ll learn more about marketing to Gen Z, while at the UUK conference there’s a closing session focusing on what value means to today’s youth.

Needless to say, come Wednesday evening we will be incredibly clued up on today’s young people.


Another theme that straddles both events is that of data, in the form of a breakout session at IHE and a keynote speech at UUK.

Being the massive data geeks we are here at TAP, we’re very excited to indulge ourselves across both of these events.

So much learning

We can’t do either agenda justice in one blog post, but let’s just say that we look set to learn an awful across these events.

Just a selection of other topics on offer include higher education in the age of chaos, lessons in student success, international student recruitment, clearing, accessibility and lots more.

Come and say hi!

If you’re attending either (or both) events then be sure to stop by our stand, say hi and learn more about our platform and it will help transform your peer recruitment efforts. See you there!