The best thing about being a Student Ambassador is...

In our latest white paper, we took a deep dive into the minds of our partners' Student Ambassadors. And, well, we learned a lot!

Something we were really keen to discover was what our Ambassadors like best about the role - and the answer brought a smile to our faces. Here's how things panned out across our survey.

Pie chart showing the best thing about being a Student Ambassador

As you can see, our Student Ambassadors think the best thing about their role is being able to talk to prospective students directly - pretty cool, right?

To dig a little deeper into what's great about the role, we also conducted longer interviews with four of our partners' Ambassadors - here's what they had to say.

Toyin - UEA


"The best thing about being an ambassador is you get the chance to help showcase your university through your own eyes. You have the freedom to post content that reflects how your university experience - it helps personalise the content which I love."

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Nousin - Manchester Metropolitan University



"The best thing about being an Ambassador is I don’t have to commute to work. Also, it gives me a chance to enhance my CV and enhance my network. At the same time, it also offers flexible working hours."

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Deborah - African University



"The best thing about a Student Ambassador is the experience of connecting with people, and communicating with them. It enhances your confidence. I’ve only been an Ambassador for a few months but it has already influenced me a lot because I’m not from an English-speaking country. This opportunity gave me the chance to improve my communication skills, so the best thing is self-development. It also helps you make great connections all over the world."

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Maegan - INTO QUB



"The best thing about being an Ambassador is definitely how you feel rewarded and satisfied after you see students progress, or settling in well at their dream educational establishment, and seeing how relieved they get after I share my personal experiences with them, and telling them to not worry too much. That’s probably the best part - being able to comfort, encourage, motivate, and inspire new students. "

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