TAP partners with INTO

We are absolutely delighted to announce that Leading global education partnering organisation, INTO, has adopted The Access Platform as its peer recruitment partner.


We’ll now be supporting Brighton-based INTO’s global recruitment strategy, using our technology to attract, engage and convert prospects through the authentic testimony of current students.

The initial partnership will be with four of INTO’s partners in the United States and United Kingdom: The University of South Florida, University of Alabama, Birmingham, and University of Exeter and Newcastle University in the UK.

If successful, the platform will then be rolled out amongst INTO’s portfolio of 22 partners.

Check out the TAP Pages for The University of South Florida and The University of Alabama now.

Laurence Bresh, VP Global Digital Marketing at INTO said: “We are delighted to work with TAP to bring peer-to-peer recruitment to our website INTOStudy.com. All research shows that prospective Gen Z international students highly value authentic advice from current students to guide their education choices.”

As well as harnessing the power of INTO’s student ambassadors online, INTO will also use our unique Content feature be to crowdsource User Generated Content from their student content creators, to drive more traffic to its website through authentic student-led social media posts.

Bresh continued: “One of the key reasons that we decided to partner with TAP is their ability to not only open up peer-to-peer conversations with our student ambassadors and staff, but also to provide a platform for those ambassadors to generate highly localised content and FAQs. After all, no-one knows better what the student experience is like on campus than current students.”

Nick Golding, our Sales & Marketing Director, said of the partnership: “we are thrilled to be working with such a charge-ahead, innovative and well-respected brand as INTO. The on-campus pathways model was pioneered by INTO, so it’s a real validation of our platform that they want to partner with us.”

Golding continued “Although we are already working in the UK and the US, this partnership enhances our global impact by supporting the journeys of students to INTO’s prestigious partner universities in those destinations.”

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