TAP in the Wild: University of Queensland’s international ambassadors are live!

It’s time for another exciting announcement of a new partner; we’re really pleased to see the international team at the University of Queensland launch their TAP Page!

Their page, which you can view here, is a place for UQ’s international prospects and offer holders to chat to current international students and gain valuable insights into life at UQ and in Australia more generally.

This new page features ambassadors from all over the world - from Brazil to Botswana, Sri Lanka to Singapore, Indonesia to India, and plenty more!

The University of Queensland is a founding member of Australia’s research-intensive Group of Eight and is one of the highest-ranking Universities in the country. Alumni of UQ include Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine recipient Peter C. Doherty, the first female Governor-General of Australia Dame Quentin Bryce, and actor Geoffrey Rush.

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