TAP in the wild: the University of Sunderland go live!

Today, we’re absolutely delighted to welcome a brand new UK partner to The Access Platform’s wider family; the University of Sunderland is now live on TAP!

In less than two weeks, we’ve been able to work with the team at Sunderland to get them set up and trained on our platform, and deliver training to more than 20 of their Student Ambassadors - all done remotely, of course, in the current lockdown situation.

You can now see Sunderland’s excellent TAP Page right here.

Sunderland go live

The University of Sunderland gained university status in 1992, although its predecessor - Sunderland Technical College - was established as a municipal training college in 1901.

It now has two campuses in Sunderland, as well as satellite campuses in London and Hong Kong. 

Notable University of Sunderland alumni include BBC athletics commentator and former middle distance runner Steve Cram, children’s author Terry Deary and England rugby captain Katy McClean.

See Sunderland’s TAP Page in action.