Introducing: content schedule

We’ve just launched a brand new feature that not only gets us really excited but, also, will save you a bunch of time and make gathering Ambassador-generated content easier than ever. Introducing; the content schedule.

The Content Schedule is designed to help you to plan ahead content requests for your Ambassadors in line with your content plan.

Essentially, it’s a content calendar that will automatically send out content requests to your Ambassadors, which they’ll receive as a push notification and be able to respond to.


We’ve already created a bunch of content prompts in the schedule - ranging from fun stuff like this week’s Star Wars Day, through to more University life-focused requests. You can pick and choose which of these you might want to send and which you don’t.

Not only that, you can also add your own content requests into the schedule. This couldn’t be simpler to do, and allows you to plan your content collection well in advance - simply add the requests into the schedule and let the platform do the rest for you.

We launched the feature last week and have already seen some fantastic content created by Ambassadors in response to the prompts (click on the screenshots to go to the profile of the Ambassador who created it).

content 1

content 2

content 3

We’re now looking forward to seeing how the content schedule helps our partners gather plenty of fantastic content from their Ambassadors - content which can then be used to drive peer-to-peer conversations between Ambassadors and prospective students.

If you’d like to see the content schedule in action - and the rest of our platform - get in touch and book a demo with us, especially as we’re currently offering a three month period of free use of all our features to help you stay engaged with your students during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.