Increase conversion rates through peer-to-peer engagement strategies

In today's fast-paced world of technology and changing education, universities are working hard to adapt their recruitment methods to attract a diverse group of students. A trend that hasn’t stopped growing in popularity is peer-to-peer engagement in university marketing - and it's shaking up the higher education landscape as we know it!

This is no surprise - according to the latest Edified Enquiry Experience Tracker, 85% of prospective students perceive peer-to-peer interactions as more authentic and personalised than other communications. And there are many ways to leverage peer-to-peer to support future students throughout their enrolment journey:

Virtual Campus Tours Led by Students:

One of the most common uses for peer-to-peer are using student ambassador to lead campus tours and participate in open days, guiding prospective students and their families around the campus This personal approach allows prospective students to connect with their peers, ask questions in real-time, and see what campus life is like, bringing the university experience to their homes.

Peer Mentoring Programs:

Peer mentoring programs go a long way in building a sense of community and support among current and prospective students. This not only helps with the transition from school life to academic life, but also fosters genuine connections. Pairing incoming students with mentors who share similar interests, career goals or academic pursuits creates a supportive network, making it easier for them to feel settled and happy on campus.

Student-Generated Content:

Platforms like The Ambassador Platform give students the chance to contribute to student marketing through authentic content creation. From blogs, vlogs,  photos and videos,  students can show what student life is like from an insider perspective that won’t be found on university websites. This not only provides valuable content that can be used across all marketing channels but also allows current students to tell their stories first-hand.

Virtual Student Panels and Webinars:

Organising virtual student panels and webinars allows current students and admin staff to engage, inform, and share various aspects of student life with future students, wherever they are in the world. The Ambassador Platform makes it very easy with Streams, which is used by leading universities like the University of Galway to keep applicants engaged, covering topics such as what the accommodation options are like, how international students should prepare for life in Ireland, student welfare and wellbeing advice.

Campus life and extracurricular

Once new students get on campus, they can engage with peers that are actively involved in campus life or in extracurricular activities. This way, student ambassadors can show the benefits of engagement beyond classes and courses, motivating newly arrived students to make the most of their university experience, leading to improved retention rates.

In a time where relatability is crucial, universities are successfully integrating peer-to-peer engagement into their recruitment strategies to increase conversion rates across the student journey. By amplifying student voices, universities create a more authentic and personalised story that resonates with students from all around the world. Embracing these approaches makes it easier for universities to stay ahead in attracting and connecting with the next generation of students as the educational landscape continues to change.