Happy Australia Day!

We’d like to wish all our friends, colleagues and partners in Australia a very Happy Australia Day - we hope you had a great day yesterday.

The national holiday seemed like the perfect time to reflect on some of the successes our Australian partners have seen using The Access Platform, as well as look ahead to our impending next visit Down Under!

TAP Down Under

Regular readers of this blog will have spotted us announcing a number of new partnerships with Universities in Australia - and New Zealand too - over the past few months. We’ve loved learning about the higher education market and their appetite to harness the power of peer recruitment, and it’s been a pleasure to our partners do exactly that.

It has also been wonderful to build our strategic partnership with the consultancy Edified - do check out our podcast episode with their founder Mark Pettitt if you haven’t already.

For now, though, let’s take a look at the successes some of our Australian partners have already seen using our platform.

The University of Adelaide

The University of Adelaide has been using our platform to harness the power of peer recruitment and supercharge their conversion strategy. So far they’ve seen…

💖 Over 200 prospects from 31 countries in just 4 months
💚 40% of prospects landing on their TAP Page going onto start a conversation with a student ambassador
💙 A spike in conversion rates among offer holders

Check out their page now - it’s rather impressive!

adelaide still

The University of Canberra

Canberra’s TAP Page may have only been live since mid-November, but they’re already seeing some fantastic results:

✨ A fantastic 65% conversion rate from users to engagements on their TAP Page
✨ 3,333 messages exchanged between prospective students and their Student Ambassadors so far

This figures mark a very successful initial phase for Canberra, and we’re now really excited to work with them on their next step - looking at innovative ways to use it moving forward and broaden their reach.

Check out their excellent TAP Page.



Excitingly, we have two teams at RMIT using the platform. First is their Conversion Team - who initially used The Access Platform for offer holder conversion. The only promotion done initially was through email invites to select groups of offer holders based on regions, and then they used more channels like during outbound calls and paid Facebook campaigns.

The other team is the Agent Management Team. This one is really interesting for us, because they're the only group using the platform for communications with their top-tier agents. They're aiming to essentially deliver a better service and level of communication with their agents and in turn hope this leads to an overall faster turnaround of applicants converting.

So far, they’re doing a wonderful job on both of their Pages.

See RMIT’s TAP Page for students.


We’re on our way!

As it happens, we have another great reason to shout about Australia right now - our Director of Strategy Nik Higgins is flying back Down Under at the end of this week for another few weeks of meetings, training, discussing and more!

If you’ve not already got a slot booked with Nik for this upcoming visit, please do get in touch as he would love to come and see you, learn more about your recruitment strategy, and show you how our platform will be able to help. Drop him a line to arrange a meeting now