Griffith College goes live!

We’re pleased to announce another Navitas University Partnerships Australasia college is now live on TAP – welcome Griffith College!

In line with our recent partnership announcement with La Trobe College, students interested in studying at Griffith College can now talk to college ambassadors and find out everything they want to know, as well as see content and read a selection of FAQs.

See their TAP Page here. 

Griffith College is a key pathway provider for Griffith University, another partner of ours in Australia.

Heidi Monsour, Director Admissions & Marketing at Griffith College, said: "We did some research on various peer to peer platforms and found The Access Platform (TAP) was definitely the best fit for our needs. Students want to talk to students, and giving them access to this in a very safe and honest environment will be a game changer for our college. To also give our current students the opportunity for personal development and peer recognition is heart-warming to see.

“Having a local contact who is available and can work closely with our team in the training and setup has made all the difference.”

If you’d like to find out more about our platform and how we can help you harness the power of your ambassadors to supercharge your recruitment plans - get in touch.