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5 Ways Peer-to-Peer Recruitment Can Help Promote Study Abroad Programs

Take your study abroad program promotions to the next level by tapping into the insider knowledge and enthusiasm of current and former students. With a peer-to-peer approach, plus a few creative strategies, you can offer a memorable journey for prospective students.

Student-Led Initiatives:

Get your study abroad alumni out there! Give them the chance to show off their experiences - and your programs - with informal chats, student fairs, and more. These alumni act as living proof of the value of these programs, sharing their own experiences, answering questions, and offering insights to students considering studying abroad. A peer-to-peer platform like The Ambassador Platform is the easiest way for prospective students to access real-life perspectives they would struggle to find elsewhere. 

QR Codes with TAP Links:

Put your study abroad info front-and-centre with QR codes on offline marketing materials and direct your most engaged students to a custom ‘study abroad webpage’. You can also point prospective students to your TAP feed, where they can learn more about the great opportunities at your university and connect with ambassadors .

Personalised Follow-Up Emails:

Follow-up emails are essential for keeping prospective students informed. After events, you can share information on study abroad programs, handy guides, and contact details for further inquiries.
Signature Links for the Global Opportunities Team: Boost the impact of the Global Opportunities team with signature links to their TAP feed. These links make it easy to connect with current and former study-abroad students, creating a sense of community and support for prospective study-abroad candidates.

Accessible Weekly Office Hours:

The Global Opportunities team can boost their support for student inquiries by holding weekly office meetings with student ambassadors. Prospective students will appreciate the chance to ask questions and get advice from those who have been in their shoes. 

Exclusive, Private Group Chats:

Connect students with past study abroad ambassadors for a specific country. Private group chats are a great way for future study abroad students to ask questions about their country or city of choice, share concerns, and gain insights from those who have already been there.

Leveraging peer-to-peer connections to promote your study abroad programs can be very effective. By using a mix of these tactics, you can make the journey (and the choice) of your future study abroad students much easier, and get them excited about the experience. Get the ball rolling, and watch your study abroad programs soar! 

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