3 reasons we’re excited about NCUK’s partner conference

We’re thrilled to be heading to NCUK’s partner conference next week - if you’re going too then make sure you come and say hi!

The NCUK Partner Conference is an annual event that brings together partners from across the NCUK Global Network to participate in workshops, presentations, best-practice sharing and collaboration. This year, it is being hosted by the University of Bradford.

Having recently started working as the official peer recruitment partner of NCUK, we’re delighted to be heading to Bradford to join this year’s event - here’s three reasons we’re excited to be there.

Cementing our relationship

As mentioned above, we’ve only recently started working with NCUK and have already been hugely impressed at the way they’ve used our platform to curate user-generated content from their Student Ambassadors. The partner conference is a chance for everyone attending to put some faces to our name, and we’re so excited to talk about student recruitment in real life.

Meeting domestic and international partners

We’re also thrilled to have the chance to meet NCUK’s domestic and international partners, show them how we are already with NCUK themselves and chat to those partners about the power of peer recruitment and how we’d love to help them supercharge their student recruitment efforts.


We’re being represented at this event by our deadly duo of Nick Golding and Nik Higgins. Neither Nick nor Nik has even had the pleasure of visiting the beautiful city of Bradford before...what better time than now?

Here’s to a great conference!