📚 Good Reading on TAP: October 2019 📚

Time for another roundup of the best stuff we’ve seen on the web this month!

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Back to School

Wow, this packs a punch. There isn’t really anything we can add here - just watch it.

Goth Life

I found this ad to be incredibly relatable.

Random Skittles

You know when you watch something that is so weird and random that you should just ignore it, but instead it just tickles your funnybone and you have to tell people about it? Yeah, Skittles have done just that.

Good reading

This has been in the offing for a while now, but Instagram and Facebook are definitely pushing ahead with hiding public like counts.

Want to become an influencer? Well, here’s some advice on how to do that from a bunch of YouTubers and Insta-stars. Or, you could take a new degree covering the very same subject.

Being a big fan of podcasts, this podcast trends report for 2019 is right up my Sesame. Some great stats in here.

Did you know there *is* a right way to compose an email? Well, there is - here you go.

How do you get kids hooked on reading for life? Here are some answers.

This article is called My Ex Deleted Me From His Instagram Because I Didn't Match His New Aesthetic - if that wasn’t enough to tempt you to clicking then I don’t really know what else to add.

In the latest instalment of all of us trying to get our heads round Tik Tok, here’s a piece on how to build a star on the app.

Apparently teens reckon their parents share too much about them online. More info in this study.

Good visuals

These Spotify ads are pretty much perfect.




As spooky season approaches, look at these incredible pumpkin carvings!