📚 Good Reading on TAP: November 2019 📚

Once again, it's time another roundup of the best stuff we’ve seen on the web this month!

Here's our monthly look at cool stuff from around the web that doesn't fit into the scope of our awesome, monthly TAP Cubed newsletter, but that is well worth pointing your eyes towards anyway. Basically, we've read loads of stuff, so you don't have to.

Silence the critics

We were planning on saving all of the Christmas-themed things until next month, but this festive ad from Ikea is just too good to leave hanging around. It's more Stormzy than Santa Claus and it's, well, fun!


Good reading

Here are 12 key Instagram updates from this year that you ought to be aware of.

We've probably all seen those random infographics doing the rounds that supposedly highlight how long content 'lasts' on different social media channels, right? Ever wondered how accurate they are? Well, the excellent Jon-Stephen Stansel did and the result is this excellent ripping to shreds of said graphics. Nice.

Ever wanted to know what years define which generation? Like, is someone born in 1982 a Millennial? Are your parents Boomers? Luckily, a new study has all the answers.

Talking generations, you can't help but have spotted the 'OK Boomer' meme that did the rounds recently. This in-depth piece on the New York Times explains why it happened and why it is so relevant.

A McDonald's poster went viral for lots of very bad reasons.

Good visuals

A second appearance for Ikea for this month, but they are very worthy...they've made toys based on children's drawings and they are *excellent*.