📚 Good Reading on TAP: June 2019 📚

Time for another roundup of some of the best bits of the web from the last few weeks!

It’s time for another roundup of inspirational reading from around the web and beyond the higher ed sector - that means videos, articles and visuals. Think of this as a complement to our awesome monthly newsletter TAP Cubed, which has more of a sector-focus.

Right then, here’s some Good Reading on TAP

Change the game - video

Nike’s promo for the women’s world cup, which kicked off last week, is excellent

My dad, the Facebook addict - video

This ten-minute look at how some guy’s dad has become addicted to Facebook is a great watch - in particular for the twist at the end and some killer lines such as “they don’t have the memes that I have”.

Talking heads - video

This video of a dad having a full-on conversation with his babbling baby has being doing the rounds recently and is a lot of fun.

Good reading 🤜🤛

Some good visuals 👀👀

IKEA’s latest ads recreate famous rooms from The Simpsons and other TV shows and, honestly, they’re superb.


These ads are pretty great - and impactful - too.


Finally, how about the artists who travels to some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world only to paint the pattern on his shirt? Hero.


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