📚 Good reading on TAP: April 2019 📚

We've done loads of reading and distilled it into the best bits for you - don't mention it!


So, hopefully you already know about our monthly TAP Cubed Newsletter - it's an awesome roundup of content that Higher Ed marketers, social media pros, recruitment teams and outreach folk will love.

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But, it's always worth looking outside the sector for inspiration, which is where this new blog comes in; every month we promise to bring you a roundup of some of the best things from around the web that you should definitely take a look at. That means some cool videos, interesting articles and cracking visuals too.

Think of it as just another way we're here to help and keep your head buzzing with ideas!

So, here's what's caught our eye recently...

The underdogs - video



Whether you're a user of Apple products or not, you can't deny they know how to *nail* an advert. The key here? Storytelling - look how much they pack into 3 minutes!

Sharing is caring - video



This is basically a follow-up to a very similar ad from a couple of years ago, but is no less a tug on the heartstrings. And, again, it shows the power of compelling storytelling - if you've got something worth watching, people will stick around.

Game of cookies - video



Here's the Game of Thrones title sequence remade using Oreos, because why not?

Disturbing - video



So, technology is now so impressive that you can easily change things up - like inserting Steve Buscemi's head onto Jennifer Lawrence's body. Like we said, impressive. We do, however, have questions - the most pressing being...why? Dear God, why??

Switch off

 So, Lush can't be bothered to create good content so they're ditching social and blaming it on algorithms? Interesting move.

A bunch of awesome articles 👇

  • Facebook is about to start explaining its algorithm to us all, sort of.
  • Subtitles can now be added to Twitter videos - hurrah!
  • Hootsuite has gathered 7 cool things to try on the 'Gram this year - give them a go!
  • News UK has started an influencer marketing agency, hmm.
  • Social media addiction should be seen as a disease, according to some MPs.
  • The Guardian rounded up some memories from when the Internet wasn't a burning cesspit of hatred, and they're lovely.
  • Starbucks are going to pay for UK staff to get a degree from a US university - cool!
  • The US college admissions scandal has shone a spotlight on privilege, and it's continuing into the courts according to Vice.
  • Social media bosses will be liable for harmful content on their sites - interesting.
  • Here's 10 social media tools brands are making great use of - how many are you using?
  • It looks like incoming college students are recreating Facebook groups, but on Instagram.

Some eye candy 👀

To round off, here's some cool visuals that have found their way into our timelines.

First, a bunch of school kids were allowed to design their own targeted ads and they were amazing.

doggo ad

See the full selection.

Next, how about these clever ads from Volkswagen for their 'Never Let the Two Meet' campaign?



And finally, how about a bunch of famous logos redone in Bauhaus style? Lush.


See more of them on The Inspiration.