Keble College, University of Oxford

prospective students
attended the event
of these students then went on to start a chat with ambassadors during and following the event

Running events for access and outreach using Streams

The Oxbridge admissions process and, in particular, the interviews can be a stressful time for all involved. This is definitely true for students from underrepresented backgrounds who are preparing to interview with an Oxbridge institution. 

In an effort to reduce barriers to entry, and to increase access to genuine advice from students who have recently been through the process themselves, Keble College organized a Q&A session between their ambassadors and students from state schools who offered admissions interviews for the 2022/23 academic year.

Keble chose to host their event using our new events product Streams.

An overview of the event 

The Q&A was organised quickly through the platform using our Streams feature. Student ambassadors were invited and prepped and prospective interviewees from state schools were invited within the space of a week. Due to the highly targeted audience for the session, Keble College opted to use the ‘private’ event functionality in the platform, and opted to only share the event link via email.

The student feedback was overwhelmingly positive: 

"really eased my nerves! thanks all"
"an informative session"
"thank you so much!"


Direct conversations

The chat feature embedded with Streams allows for authentic conversations between prospective students and ambassadors to take place during and after the event.

Easy to set up & promote

Our events are easy to set up and promote either on the Feed or through dedicated links. Also, the event reminders are automated to save admin time.

Rich data insights

Our reports capture the contact information of the prospects who sign up for events including additional details through optional data questions.


“Looking at last year’s prospect list, there is good conversion between prospects who get offers at Keble who then go on to create ambassador profiles once they are Keble undergraduates”

Dr. Foteini Dimirouli
Outreach Fellow
Keble College, University of Oxford


Across the 2021/22 period (Jan-Jan), Keble has engaged with 158 prospective students. 34% of these students attended the event
54 prospective students attended the event, all of whom were from state schools and therefore the desired target audience for this event. 11% of these students then went on to start a chat with ambassadors during and following the event.

100% of prospective students who attended the Live Stream were from UK state schools

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