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Read our latest research and learn more about Experience Communication Management (XCM) and the latest trends in marketing, recruitment, and admissions.

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Whitepaper: September 2021

The ultimate guide to student ambassador programs in 2021/22

In this whitepaper we cover the latest industry best practice on how to effectively set-up, manage, and incentivise a student ambassador program at your university or college. You'll find tips on everything from the application process to creating an inclusive program that best represents your instituion.

We also highlight innovative approaches from higher education providers around the world.

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ThinkTAP 4 white paper
ThinkTAP Research Paper 4 - October 2020

Making a difference: what motivates student ambassadors?

For the first time, we take a deep dive into the minds of student ambassadors and try to learn as much as we can about them; why did they put themselves forward for the role? What do they enjoy about it? What's it really like to be an ambassador?

We also take a snapshot of the hot topics of conversation between ambassadors and prospects during June and July of 2020.

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ThinkTAP 3 white paper
ThinkTAP Research Paper 3 - June 2020

Student recruitment post Covid-19; is virtual recruitment here to stay?

In our third white paper, we examine what the future of student recruitment might be post Covid-19, and what role virtual recruitment will have.

We explore what channels have been effective for engaging prospective students during lockdown, we learn how to successfully adapt to virtual open days, and we look at the effects of the pandemic on international recruitment.

The paper also features the results of a snap survey we ran with recruitment colleagues across the sector, and guest contributions from INTO University Partnerships, The University of Sheffield, and Australian education consultancy Edified.

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ThinkTAP 2
ThinkTAP Research Paper 2 - August 2019

Using students as content creators: How universities are harnessing the creativity of their most powerful assets: their students.

In our second white paper, we look at how universities are working with student content creators.

The paper covers the results of our original research into how universities in the UK, Ireland and the USA are working with student content creators.

It also features tips for making your own student ambassador schemes a roaring success and two terrific case studies.

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ThinkTAP 1
ThinkTAP Research Paper 1 - November 2018

How prospective students use Instagram comments: Who are they, and what do they ask?

In our first research paper, we offered a snapshot of how prospective students use the comments on university Instagram posts.

It covered where those students came from, what questions they asked, and how well universities were doing at responding to them.

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Emily Downing

When young people visit Queen’s, they always tell us that chatting to our undergraduates was the best, most valuable part of the time they spent here. We signed up to TAP because we wanted to ensure that all prospective applicants can communicate with our students, no matter where they're from. TAP makes this as easy as possible by enabling any prospective applicant to get in touch with our undergraduates online.

Emily Downing - Head of Communications, The Queen's College, University of Oxford