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What is a peer recruitment platform?

A peer recruitment platform allows you to connect your students to prospective students in a safe and scalable way 

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Gen-Z expect authenticity and to connect with their peers

Today's prospective students expect authenticity, they want to hear from other students and to engage with them through digital channels, but connecting existing students to prospective students in a safe and scalable way is tough.

Existing digital channels are not designed for peer recruitment

Currently, education providers are using a patchwork of digital channels from social media and messaging apps to video calls and webinars to connect their current students with prospective students. None of these platforms fully address the challenges of user safety, data integrity, systems integration and measurability.

In a perfect world, you’d have a single digital platform to safely facilitate connections between your current and prospective students. This platform would allow you to measure and monitor engagement, be easily scalable, integrate into your CRM, and provide actionable insights.

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Until now.

Introducing: The Ambassador Platform

The Ambassador Platform is the bespoke solution that lets you harness the power of peer-to-peer in your recruitment marketing 

Our platform makes it simple, safe and scalable to use student ambassadors in your recruitment marketing. Our platform facilities digital engagement throughout the whole student recruitment journey, helping prospective students to better understand your unique university or college experience


Creating authentic experiences has never been easier

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Trust word of mouth

Over 90 percent of people say they trust word of mouth recommendations above all other forms of advertizing.


Demand authentic content

Nearly ninety percent of applicants want to see content created by current students.


Want the real story

More than 80 percent of senior leaders in higher education say that students of the future judge a campus by how 'alive' it is.


Value peer-to-peer conversations

More than two-thirds of prospects say the ability to connect with existing students is influential when choosing a university.


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La Trobe College

"TAP has given our potential applicants a great opportunity to find out what it’s like to be a La Trobe College Australia student, without visiting the campus or attending an in-person recruitment event in their home country. With a lot of our marketing activity moving to digital platforms, partnering with TAP has made it easy for prospective students to speak to brand ambassadors of the college, our students, and receive genuine, valuable and authentic advice."

La Trobe College

The University of Adelaide

"TAP has certainly got a unique value proposition. It creates an opportunity to connect students over a digital medium and really opens up conversations that might be difficult to replicate with staff in your institution."

University of Adelaide

University of Sunderland

"TAP has been instrumental in streamlining our recruitment operations and ambassador management, creating approximately a 30% time saving as compared to our previous processes."

University of Sunderland