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The Ambassador Platform

Significantly increase your prospect conversion rates by showcasing your unique student experience through community storytelling, word-of-mouth, and peer connections.

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Benefits of using The Ambassador Platform

Build genuine relationships

Prospective students are able to participate in highly personal, one-to-one and group conversations, which build trust in your institution.

Convert more prospects

Increased trust and transparency, combined with powerful insights, down to an individual prospect level, will increase your chance of conversion.

Showcase your unique student experience

Our dynamic ‘TAP Feed’ is your stage to showcase your story, student ambassadors, and the richness of life at your institution.

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Some of our customers in the UK

Enhance and amplify your existing marketing

Easily repurpose user-generated content, and create highly targeted, and personal campaign assets to enhance your recruitment marketing.

Increase quality lead generation

Unconstrained by geography, timezone, and language, you can support lead generation 24/7. And with customizable data fields, you can collect the most relevant prospect data for your institution, and drive quality lead generation.

Powerful insights into prospect behaviour and motivation

Our (no-set-up-required) AI-enabled analysis and reporting, will provide you with an unprecedented level of insight into what matters most to your prospects.

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Some of our customers in the Americas

Reduce costs and save time

Easily scale your use of ambassadors without scaling your team. Reduce time spent on the management of your prospects, campaigns, and ambassadors with our easy-to-use management dashboard.

Easy and quick set up

You can start using The Ambassador Platform in three quick steps, with no need to involve your IT department. And with an extensive library of guides and 24-hour chat support, you can be up and running in no time.

Support with ambassador best practice

We’re the experts on student ambassadors programs, and we’ll continuously work with you, to share our knowledge, and ensure you are getting the most out of your investment and trust in us.

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Some of our customers in the Asia-Pacific

Popular features

Peer-to- peer and group conversations

Prospects can hear first-hand about life at your university from their peers, building genuine relationships with them and your institution.

The TAP Feed

A unique window where you can showcase your story, student ambassadors, and the richness of life at your institution. You can opt for either a hosted TAP Feed, or an embedded one on your site. It displays group and peer-to-peer chats, user-generated content, and FAQs. Built to perform advanced lead capture straight out of the box.

Customizable data capture

Collect the most relevant prospect data for your institution, by customizing the data capture form to your exact requirements.

Prospect heat scoring

Engaged prospects are most likely to convert. With our heat scoring tool, you can target your conversion efforts directly, to those with the highest engagement levels and propensity to convert.

AI-enabled dashboard

Waste no time thinking about, or setting up reports. Our clever AI system knows what metrics matter most to you, and automatically creates your reports. 

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Advanced campaign tracking

Our tracking will give you the insights you need to evaluate your campaigns and prove ROI.

Dynamic customization

Increase prospect engagement rates with our dynamic customization. Create campaigns that are highly tailored, featuring only the most relevant student ambassadors, and content for your target prospect segments.

Crowdsource user-generated content

Create authentic and vibrant content for your social media in collaboration with your student ambassadors. We have a host of tools from scheduling, to easy integration into your management platforms, to help you bring the student experience to life!

Traffic driving tools

Engage more prospects, and drive more traffic to your student ambassadors, with our suite of promotion tools including pop-up cards and student ambassador profile carousels.

Safeguarding by design

With minimal effort, you can be confident users are safe on the platform. Features such as automatic flagging, and our multi-language, multi-script custom options ensure you can tailor to your needs.

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What our customers say


"The content hub shines a light on aspects of studying at La Trobe University that aren’t normally published, and these little snippets have a liveliness and spirit about them that’s hard to replicate. The personal insights of our peer ambassadors bring an additional flavour and depth to formal communications with future students and we believe this personal touch will build their confidence in choosing La Trobe as a study destination."

La Trobe University


"Powerful visualization and insights - providing a snapshot of the effectiveness of our ambassadors and quality of prospects."


University of Sunderland

"Having everything in one place makes things much easier to monitor. Ambassadors can flag or invite me into a chat whenever they need me. Having an official platform to engage on comes across as more professional and trustworthy than using the likes of a WhatsApp group. I can easily search through messages, and having everything come to my inbox (in terms of updates) means I’m always kept in the loop with what’s going on."

University of Sunderland

The University of Queensland

"TAP has turbo-charged our recruitment capability while elevating the student experience by facilitating open, genuine and truly transparent conversations with our ambassadors, alumni, and staff."

The University of Queensland

Bucks New

"We used TAP to engage with prospective students and it quickly became fundamental to our recruitment strategy, delivering a 100% + return on product investment whilst improving enquirer to applicant conversion."

Bucks New University