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A complete solution for working with your ambassadors

Everything your institution needs in one place. Our XCM platform enables you to manage your ambassadors, generate conversations, and create content from a single Admin Dashboard. 

Easily connect prospects with your ambassadors

We've built TAP's three powerful interfaces with the needs of prospective students, administrators, and ambassadors in mind. 

TAP Feed

A unique window into your instituion which can be embedded on your website in minutes. Prospects at any stage of the funnel can have group and peer-to-peer chats, and browse user-generated content, and FAQs.

Admin Dashboard

Manage the platform easily with a powerful mission control. Train, manage and collaborate with your ambassadors at the click of a button. Access real-time data insights, campaign management, and safeguarding tools.

Ambassador App

A fun and engaging mobile app that keeps ambassadors connected with prospective students. Ambassadors can browse the feed and chat to prospects, as well as create user-generated content. 

Crowdsource user-generated content

Collaborate with ambassadors, no matter where they are, with the Content feature.

Here's how:

  • Request and publish authentic user-generated images and videos in real-time.
  • Collaborate with ambassadors through content groups and the content schedule.
  • Integrate with your social media management platforms.

Facilitate peer-to-peer conversations

Get prospects chatting with your ambassadors in any language through peer-to-peer and group conversations.

Here's how:

  • Join chats as an admin to provide additional information and oversight.
  • Use our invite ambassador feature to ensure prospects get a complete insight into your institution.
  • Create Group Chats around particular themes or events.



Incentivize ambassadors

Engage your ambassadors with a fun, gamified experience.

Here's how:

  • Recognize great performance and boost employability with auto-generated career references.
  • Use the Ambassador Time feature to track time worked, perform easy remuneration, and set time limits.
  • Keep ambassadors engaged through career points and a team leaderboard.

Advanced data insights and integrations

Give your admins real-time behavioral insights into your prospects and ambassadors.

Here's how:

  • Monitor campaign performance through UTM tracking and reporting views.
  • Perform advanced lead capture with custom sign-up forms.
  • Integrate data with your CRM, marketing automation systems, and social media management tools.

Keep users safe

TAP's safeguarding by design ensures your prospects and ambassadors are safe at all times. 

Here's how:

  • Automatic keyword detection identifies and blocks inappropriate messages in all languages.
  • Message flagging allows participants to notify admins of anything of concern.
  • Comprehensive user terms, ambassador training, and our safeguarding policy take care of everything else.

Every week we see



Over 100 active customers across five continents.



Over 5000 active students, staff, alumni, and parent ambassadors.



Over 1000 user-generated content posts created.



Over 20,000 group and peer-to-peer messages exchanged.

96% of prospects said they would recommend using TAP

Ready when you are!

"The content hub shines a light on aspects of studying at La Trobe University that aren’t normally published, and these little snippets have a liveliness and spirit about them that’s hard to replicate. The personal insights of our peer ambassadors bring an additional flavour and depth to formal communications with future students and we believe this personal touch will build their confidence in choosing La Trobe as a study destination."

La Trobe University


"Powerful visualization and insights - providing a snapshot of the effectiveness of our ambassadors and quality of prospects."


University of Sunderland

"Having everything in one place makes things much easier to monitor. Ambassadors can flag or invite me into a chat whenever they need me. Having an official platform to engage on comes across as more professional and trustworthy than using the likes of a WhatsApp group. I can easily search through messages, and having everything come to my inbox (in terms of updates) means I’m always kept in the loop with what’s going on."

University of Sunderland

The University of Queensland

"TAP has turbo-charged our recruitment capability while elevating the student experience by facilitating open, genuine and truly transparent conversations with our ambassadors, alumni, and staff."

The University of Queensland

Bucks New

"We used TAP to engage with prospective students and it quickly became fundamental to our recruitment strategy, delivering a 100% + return on product investment whilst improving enquirer to applicant conversion."

Bucks New University