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Our partners

We work with the very best companies and organizations around the world. Find out more about our partnerships.

Global partnerships

We're proud to work with some of the best organizations from across the higher education sector.

Times Higher Education Student

Times Higher Education Student is a dynamic new digital platform designed to provide the higher education community with opportunities to engage with prospective international students in one place. Informative, vibrant and empowering, it connects prospective students and parents to the universities, data and services they need to make one of the biggest decisions of their lives – who to trust with their education.

Through TAP’s integration with THE Student, students can connect with student ambassadors currently at university, who will have gone through the same process. Students will be able to access user-generated content from universities and their student ambassadors as well as personalised peer-to-peer conversations in real-time, no matter where they are located.

THE Student


Edified helps education providers and promoters dramatically improve their results in student acquisition, student retention, and student success.

Partnered since 2019, Edified are trusted advisors to TAP in the APAC region.

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QS is the leading global provider of specialist higher education analytics and student recruitment solutions. Their activities span across 50 countries with over 2000 of the world's leading higher education institutions. QS acts as an extension to their partner institutions’ infrastructure, seamlessly integrating with existing marketing, recruitment teams, and technology. QS enhances existing in-house capacity to maximise conversion, retention and ensure student success.

Our API integration with the QSES CRM enables our university clients in Australia and New Zealand to seamlessly integrate data from their TAP Dashboard to their CRM.

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SMRS believes in the power of higher education to make a positive difference. And they’re proud to help universities change for the better. SMRS encourages institutions to enhance the experience they offer students, increase their marketing performance, and live their brands.

Whether it’s through campaign delivery or strategic consultancy, SMRS creates a measurable difference for the institutions they work with.

TAP and SMRS work together to provide further value to their shared partners.

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The Pay Index

The Pay Index provides useful real-world information about salary and employability prospects for young people. This aids their decision-making process at such a crucial time. They track, report, and analyze salary information across local, national, and global markets to give young people valuable insight into how their higher education choices might affect what they are likely to earn once they graduate.

Through TAP’s integration with The Pay Index’s platform, students can gain further support through chat with ambassadors and staff.

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Swiss Premium Education

Swiss Premium Education is a Swiss educational agency with international roots. They represent exclusively Swiss Private Educational Institutions, such as boarding schools, higher education institutions, holiday camps, and language schools. They provide counseling services to their clients worldwide, helping them choose the right educational institution and program according to their goals, needs, and budgets.

Swiss Premium Education are trusted advisors of TAP across Europe.

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Swiss Premium


Fourdozen is a creative marketing agency in Vietnam that specializes in international education.

TAP and Fourdozen are working together to enable their members to get the most out of Experience Communication Management.

"The Ambassador Platform is the best innovation I've seen in digital recruitment in more than a decade. We're partnering with TAP because we believe everyone should consider using it. The team there is great, and the technology is advanced and yet easy to use."

– Matt Wetherington, Co-founder

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FindAUniversity are experts in everything postgraduate, helping colleagues in the higher education sector meet their postgraduate recruitment targets with programme listings, digital advertising options, direct email marketing and an impressive physical and virtual study events offer. We welcome over 1.2 million online visitors each month, and an average 2,500+ attendees at virtual study events.

 Through TAP’s integration with FindAUniversity’s FindAMasters website, prospective students can gain authentic insight into the experience of postgraduate study through chatting with student ambassadors.

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Interested in partnering?

If you'd like to find out more about our partnerships, or are interested in partnering with The Ambassador Platform, please put your email in the form and a member of our lovely Partnerships team will get back to you shortly.

Mark Pettitt

TAP is a great organization with a great product. They’re also lovely people. Highly recommended!

Mark Pettitt Founder, Edified

Andy Holliday

We’re delighted to partner with TAP and offer this integration so that universities can provide prospective students visiting our websites with a unique insight into life at their institution.

Andy Holliday Co-founder, FindAUniversity