The Ambassador Platform x IDP

Increase conversions and boost reach on IDP sites with peer-to-peer connections powered by The Ambassador Platform.


Improving the student experience

IDP and The Ambassador Platform (TAP) have a common goal: to improve the student experience through human connections. To do so, IDP Core Partners and International / Whatuni Content Hub partners will get access to new peer-to-peer services to positively impact hundreds of thousands of students across the world, at no extra cost.

Improve conversions

Bring your ambassadors in front of hundreds of thousands of prospective students and make them feel more supported at each key stage of their journey.

Low risk, added value

TAP-powered peer-to-peer services are available at no additional cost to all IDP Core Partners and International / Whatuni Content Hub partners.

Always one step ahead

Get continued access to peer-to-peer services on IDP's digital platforms to connect students to their peers, build trust, gain valuable insights and improve the experience of prospective students.

P2P services

Connect future and current students and boost your reach on IDP's digital platforms with the new peer-to-peer services powered by TAP, P2P Conversion and P2P Community.

Coming March/April 2024. 


P2P Conversion

P2P Conversion

Help future students make decisions with confidence. P2P Conversion is a chat-based service that helps convert future students who are already engaged and matched with an IDP counsellor by connecting them with current students on the IDP Live and Whatuni apps.

P2P Community

P2P Community

Give prospective students access to engaging video and photo content from current students. With P2P Community, you can build trust and boost your digital reach with content relinking back to your institution on the world’s largest student community platform.

Frequently asked questions

When will P2P Conversion and P2P Community be released?

The current roadmap plans a phased release starting in March 2024.

Where will these services live?

In the initial release, P2P Conversion will live on the IDP Live app and on the Whatuni app, whilst P2P Community will be on the Hotcourses International sites.

Do I have to pay extra for the new P2P services?

No. If you are eligible for these services, then they are available to you free of charge.
See Question 'Am I eligible to sign up for these services?' to check your eligibility.

What is the estimated time commitment for the ambassadors?

To find out more about the joint services and your ambassadors' estimated time commitment check out our help resources here

Can I access the new P2P services without a subscription to The Ambassador Platform?

Yes, so long as you are eligible for the services.
See Question 'Am I eligible to sign up for these services?' to check your eligibility.

Am I eligible to sign up for these services?

Sign up to the joint P2P services