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Resources to help you set up, run and make the most of your student ambassadors and harness the power of peer-to-peer recommendation and advocacy 

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How to better use peer-to-peer with your agents

8 minute read

Here at The Ambassador Platform, we completely understand the importance of your working relationships with your agent network. They're an incredibly important part of the overall recruitment effort and will often be working with large volumes of students in-country. Peer-to-peer solutions could be a great channel for institutions and agents to leverage in order to support prospective students through their journey. Read our guide to find out how The Ambassador Platform can help with this. 

Guide Landing Page - Why you need a SAP (2)

What is a student ambassador program and why you need one?

9 minute read

Universities have used their current students to help promote their institutions to prospective students for decades. We call them students ambassadors, and they have been the trump card for marketing, admissions, and recruitment teams at universities around the world. Read our guide to find out more.

Landing Page - How to build a SAP

How to build a student ambassador program for your university, college or school

10 minute read

Our guide 'How to build a student ambassador program for your university, college or school' will take you through all the key steps to get you started on your digital student ambassador journey. This guide also features useful templates and checklists to get you going.


A game changer for our college

We did some research on various [...] platforms and found The Ambassador Platform was definitely the best fit for our needs. Students want to talk to students, and giving them access to this in a very safe and honest environment will be a game changer for our college. To also give our current students the opportunity for personal development and peer recognition is heart-warming to see.

Heidi Monsour - Director of Marketing and Admissions, Griffith College