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Creating meaningful human connections

With the University of Technology Sydney


Starting a new life overseas can be daunting. The University of Technology Sydney (UTS) wanted to offer future students a window into their unique student experience. They were looking for a way for prospective students to hear from their peers and find out what it’s like to study at Australia’s number one young university.

Conversion rates have increased from 13% to 25% in just 6 months

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The challenge

While prospective international students talk to offshore staff or local education agents about their study abroad dreams, they rarely get to speak to students who are already studying. The Ambassador Platform (TAP) was the solution to connect future learners with the community at UTS.

“While TAP was an initiative the international and domestic marketing teams employed to support during the pandemic, post-pandemic it has by far exceeded our expectations. It is such a game changer, particularly for those who have never been to our innovative and creative learning spaces before." 


Meaningful Connections

Our chat feature allowed for authentic, peer-to-peer conversations with UTS’s diverse and inclusive community of over 50 students, staff, and alumni. They exchanged thousands of messages each month. Many become friends before they even meet on campus.

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Traditional marketing is broken

Customers don’t want to hear from brands, they want to hear from other customers! It’s no different in the world of Higher Education. Who else could build more trust and convey what makes UTS special better than the voice of UTS students!


Future learners at the centre

Future learners at the centre

UTS are very proud of offering a united experience for both domestic and international students which is in line with UTS’s student-centric approach. It is their priority to deliver a user-friendly experience that is relevant and engaging.

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The set-up

  • Over 50 students, staff, and alumni.
  • International, national, and pathways account combined to create a diverse portfolio of ambassadors.

"In an increasingly automated world, it was important for our international team to inject the human touch into their marketing. Our purpose-built facilities, future-focused approach to learning and diverse community of students and staff is what attracts lifelong learners to UTS. There is no better way for us to tell our stories and experiences than through the lens of our inspiring students and alumni.


Our ambassadors enjoy conversing with online users from all over the world, in real-time and in the local language, where applicable. With AI chatbots on the rise due to digitization and cost efficiencies, we pride ourselves on utilizing an experience communication platform that allows for more meaningful conversations. We believe that a user who joins our community from somewhere as remote as Kathmandu deserves a response from a real person.


Our  ambassadors deal with an extremely diverse portfolio of students from all over the world, ensuring cultural sensitivity is one of the key assets of having a peer-to-peer network. Our ambassadors are international students themselves; they are interculturally competent and embrace different ethnicities and backgrounds. They also have very unique experiences to share that a chatbot could never replicate."


Christina Miebach

International Marketing Manager

The University of Technology Sydney

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  • Over 39,000 messages exchanged over the past 18 months (that's an average of 80 messages/day)
  • Since UTS implemented  TAP more strategically across their advertising funnel, they’ve seen an improved conversion rate (page view to account created) from 13% in H1 2021 to up to 25% in H2 2021
  • 8% of leads started their UTS journey via TAP in 2021 and 140 of those applied and/or enrolled within the next 12 months

"We are very excited to be building upon our successes of the past two years by utilizing the platform's new features and capabilities.  Just recently, we combined our domestic, international, and pathways accounts into one to allow future learners to choose from a diverse and inclusive community of over 50 students, staff, and alumni. We are very proud of offering a united experience across domestic and international which is in line with UTS’s student-centric approach. It is our priority to deliver a user-friendly experience that is relevant and engaging."

If you’d like to find out more about how we can help you tell prospects what it's really like to be part of your institution then why not book a demo of The Ambassador Platform?

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