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Inspiration on TAP: season 2, episode 6 - IbzMo (season finale)

Inspiration on TAP: season 2, episode 6 - IbzMo (season finale)

Posted by Dave Musson Picture of Dave Musson on December 19, 2019




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For this season finale of Inspiration on TAP, we've pulled out all the stops and secured a guest with all the seasoning you could ever need; it's the bad bitch of education influencers, IbzMo.

In this episode, you’ll hear all about Ibz’s journey from a disadvantaged background in hackney through to being a Cambridge graduate, and how he documented the whole thing on his YouTube channel. You’ll hear how the central marketing team at Cambridge University embraced Ibz’s inimitable style and got his style and seasoning on their channels, you’ll learn what it was like for Ibz to interview Cambridge’s vice-chancellor, and you’ll get some tips on how you can work effectively with student content creators.

Not only that, we’ll also find out what it was like when Ibz’s college told him to stop making videos and start writing more essays.

You should definitely check out Ibz's YouTube channel, and follow him on Twitter too.

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