How to improve your conversion rate using pop cards

In this article we share with you some insights into how you could drive 6 times more prospects to your TAP Feed by using pop cards. 


Why use TAP pop cards?

One of our most popular promotions is the pop card. You can embed and customise your pop cards to help convert prospects throughout their journey on your website by making them aware of the opportunity to chat with your ambassadors. Some of our partners embedded pop cards a few months after their TAP Feed went live which enabled us to assess the impact of using pop cards on driving traffic to your TAP Feed.

What we have seen is that adding pop cards on key pages on the website that follow the prospect through their discovery journey will increase the traffic to a TAP Feed by a factor of 6. Not only can you connect more students with your ambassadors, but you can also nurture those relationships throughout the recruitment funnel by leveraging the traffic from your website. 

Chat bot vs TAP pop card

Some of our partners have been using chat bots before TAP in order to help answer any administrative questions. However, when they went live with their TAP Feed they decided to keep their chat bot and embed the TAP pop card on the left hand side of key pages. This ensures that prospects are still aware of the opportunity to connect with ambassadors, but in many cases, this affects the conversion to conversation rate as prospects get confused by the two calls to action. So, if your conversion to conversation rate has been low, it may be worth assessing whether there are too many CTAs on your pages which cause confusion or overwhelm your audience and simplifying those as much as possible.

Our recommendations

If you want to convert more prospects to have conversations with your ambassadors, we would highly recommend either creating an ambassador profile for your support team (as Trinity College, Oxford did) and highlighting in the bio that they can help with administrative questions or allowing your staff members to create their own profiles (as The University of Sheffield did). 



This should help: 

  • Bring everything in one place, where you can monitor how much time your staff and your ambassadors are spending answering questions
  • Track the topics of conversations that come up between your ambassadors (students and staff) and prospective students 
  • Allow your staff to work closely with your ambassadors to answer any questions that come through to TAP more efficiently
  • Increase the conversion to conversation rate by using one consistent CTA across the website

We hope this was useful. As usual, if you have any questions please don't hesitate to reach out to us at