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804 individual conversations
A 28% conversion rate on the platform (account-to- application)

The power of parent advocacy

Like many schools around the world, Dulwich College (Singapore) knows the importance of recommendations from other parents; their own research shows them that they influence 75% of decisions. Implementing a formal parent advocacy plan had the potential to be a gamechanger. 

The Challenge

Dulwich College (Singapore) is an international school founded on the ethos and values of the British independent schooling system and its founding school in London, but with a global outlook and contemporary approach that reflects the diverse backgrounds of its students - who join the College from many different countries.

The Singapore school opened in 2014 and has since become one of the leading international schools not just in Singapore, but globally. It has around 2,730 students and more than 50 nationalities represented among its student body.

Dulwich’s own research told them that three-quarters of their new pupils’ parents rely on the recommendation from existing pupils, despite these conversations and connections happening in a fairly informal format. The College want to formalise that process and maximise the insights that parents of current students can offer parents of prospective students.

They also wanted to take the lead and show themselves as innovators across the schools sector, which is why they decided to partner with The Ambassador Platform, becoming the first school globally to harness the power of their parent Ambassador.

With The Ambassador Platform all set-up, Dulwich College (Singapore) was able to connect parents of prospective students with those of current students to boost lead generation and offer conversion.

The College has worked hard to promote their TAP Feed since it went live, embedding promos throughout their own website,  using paid ads on Facebook and Instagram to drive more traffic, and making the most of their existing social media communities.



"Each year, international schools invest heavily in traditional advertising and promotion to build and maintain brand awareness, however no amount of money can substitute the power of word of mouth and parent advocacy when it comes to helping parents make that all important decision around which school to apply to.


Our vision at Dulwich College (Singapore) is to be at the forefront of innovation in the way prospective parents engage with our community and we are excited to be partnering with The Ambassador Platform to bring this vision to life.


TAP provides us the means to harness the power of parent advocacy by providing a platform where prospective families can chat directly to our passionate community of parent ambassadors and gain first hand insights into what life is really like within our school"


Jason Hoppner
Director of Admissions and Marketing
Dulwich College (Singapore)

Direct conversations

Our chat feature allowed for authentic conversations between parents of prospective students and Dulwich College Singapore’s team of passionate Parent Ambassadors. These conversations helped answer burning questions, and help families make empowered and confident decisions about their children’s education.

Harnessing existing channels

Dulwich College’s community of parents were already incredibly proud advocates for the school and were already having conversations with other parents. Using The Ambassador Platform allowed the College to formalize the process on their own platform and can track engagement throughout the process.

Safeguarding by design

Our ‘safeguarding by design’ approach to building our platform – with in-built checks and alerts – offers a safe space for conversation.


Within just the first four months of launching The Ambassador Platform Dulwich College (Singapore) were already seeing terrific results and it has had a noticeable impact on applications, with 28% of prospects going on to apply.

Not only that, they noticed a positive impact on the experiences of the parents of prospective students, who enjoyed using the platform to learn more about the school and talking to parents of current students.

Parents always talk to other parents, Dulwich College (Singapore) found that using our platform gave them more control on the conversations by gaining first-hand insights into the type of questions and concerns parents are raising and engagement levels throughout the process.

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