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Times Higher Education (THE) Student Chat 

Powered by The Ambassador Platform, THE Student Chat drives global awareness of your institution and accelerates your international student recruitment.

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Accelerate your international student recruitment

THE Student Chat, powered by The Ambassador Platform, will increase the global footprint of your institution in your source markets. With exposure to thousands of high quality, motivated prospects, who are early in their university search, you will benefit from the maximum amount of time to influence their decision making.  


Grow your international reputation

Our partnership with THE Student Chat gives you a unique opportunity to leverage the full weight of the Times Higher Education brand to accelerate awareness of your institution and grow your international reputation.
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Exposure to 350,000 registered student users

With exposure across THE Student and a marketing package (worth at least £6,000) includes promotion  in the THE Student newsletter sent to over 350,000 registered student users, programmatic ‘social boosts’ and a sponsored article featuring your student ambassadors. 

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Harness the power of your student ambassadors

The Student Ambassador Chat feature enables you to harness the power of your student ambassadors, to influence prospects' decision making. Through direct conversations and user generated content, you can showcase the unique experience of your institution.

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Advanced reporting and management tools

Advanced data capture, AI topic analysis and prospect heat scoring will enable you to qualify which prospects are most positively engaged with your institution, allowing you to identify and focus on quality applicants. Management tools and safeguarding features make it easy to manage, removing the need for manual monitoring. 

An international audience

Prospective students on THE Student chat come from 120+ countries and territories around the world, and they're all eager to speak with your student ambassadors!

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Benefits of THE Student Chat include:

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Exposure to over 15 million prospective international students 

Over 15 million prospective international students visit THE Student each year allowing you to  increase the global footprint of your university in source markets.
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THE Student visitors are good quality prospects

THE Student visitors are highly motivated and being early in their university search you have the maximum amount of time to influence their decision making.


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Guaranteed exposure to promote your institution

With a marketing package (worth at least £6,000) you will receive programmatic ‘social boosts’ to drive traffic to your ambassador profiles (5,000+ interactions),  promotion of your student ambassadors in THE Student newsletter, sent to 350,000 registered student users and a sponsored article.

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Student chat feature 

Our student chat feature enables you to harness your student ambassadors to positively influence your prospects decision making process utilizing the power of direct conversations with trusted peers.

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Social media content generation and management 

It has never been easier or quicker to create content to showcase the unique experience of your institution with our user generated content features.

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Advanced AI reporting tools and machine learning

Our advanced reporting tools eradicate the need for you think about or set up reporting on your student ambassadors and prospects.

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Easy to use ambassador app

Our ambassador app with an inbuilt activity log makes it easy to track, motivate and reward your ambassadors.
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Full safeguarding features

Safeguarding features are standard so you can be confident your ambassadors and prospects are safe online without you having to spend time moderating and supervising conversations.