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Supercharge your use of The Ambassador Platform with our range of additional products and services - all developed with today's student recruiter and marketer in mind.

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Use our additional features to enable you to unlock more functionality and get more value from your use of The Ambassador Platform.

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Use the power of video to communicate your unique university experience, enagage with prospective students, and generate more leads.

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Single Sign On (SSO)

SSO provides both extra security and increased convenience for users of the platform.

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Community Group Chats

Bring your community together to share information, build relationships, and accelerate engagement throughout the whole student journey.

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Additional Ambassadors

Grow your team of ambassadors to create more points of connection between your prospects and current community.

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OTP Phone Verification

Increase lead quality and reduce spam with this simple layer of additional prospect verification.

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Conversation Insights

Access real-time insights into the behaviour and sentiment of your prospects.

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Group Environment

Save time and increase oversight by bringing the management of multiple feeds into one place.

Consultancy suite

Benefit from the experience of our team via our additional services, which cover everything from onboarding to campaign planning.

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Student Voice Workshop & Blueprint

Work with us to build a cross-team action plan for integrating ambassadors into your recruitment marketing.

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Dedicated Customer Success Manager

On-demand support from one of our expert Customer Success Managers, helping to ensure you get maximum value from our platform.

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Additional Onboarding Support

Access extended onboarding support to give you more time to implement The Ambassador Platform.

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Ambassador Training Session

Get the most out of your ambassadors via our practical and engaging training session.

Global partner network

Tap into the power of our partner network and access new audiences of prospective students.

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Times Higher Education Student Chat

Drive global awareness and lead generation by affiliating your brand with one of the most trusted in the Higher Ed industry.

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Find a Masters

Reach a new audience of prospective postgraduate students via our integration with FAM.