Writing Job Descriptions for Being an Ambassador on TAP

Some advice and wording for writing a job description about being an ambassador on TAP.

Recruiting a diverse group of motivated ambassadors is essential for making your use of TAP successful!

Here is some information and wording that might help you recruit ambassadors.

Role title/name

We see a lot of different names, with 'Digital Ambassadors' and 'TAP Ambassadors' being the most common.

Role introduction/overview

Please free free to edit this text:

As a <Digital Ambassador>, you'll be representing our institution through our online channels. You'll be creating and sharing content about your experiences, and you'll be chatting with prospects through an app on your phone. As an ambassador, you'll be acting as a hybrid between being a journalist/spokesperson/influencer , representing our institution from wherever you are currently, all from your mobile phone. An added bonus of this role is that you'll build up a data-driven reference which will reflect the work you've done and the skills you've developed which you can use on your resume.

You may also wish to explain who your prospective audience will be. 

List of activities

You may decide that some ambassadors will not be activated for all features, in which case, not all of the following activities will be relevant:

Setup and training:

  • You will be required to download a mobile application onto your personal phone for this job. <Mention any specifics about training you may be including>.

Ongoing work:

  • Creating photo and video content with captions to be shared through marketing channels such as our website and social media platforms.

  • Answering frequently asked questions to build up ambassador-led content on our website.

  • Having a profile on our website where the captioned photos and videos, as well as your answers to frequently asked questions, will live. 

  • Through this profile, prospects can start chat conversations with you to learn more about your experiences. These chat messages will be delivered securely via the mobile application on your phone and can be monitored by staff members from an Admin Dashboard.

Time requirements

The amount of time each of your ambassadors will spend on the platform depends on many factors. The below answer is for a 'typical' university use case. Please contact your Customer Success Manager if you'd like to discuss this for your setup specifically.

The expectation is that you will receive on average two chat conversations from prospective students per week, answer 5-10 FAQ questions in total and you will create a minimum of 2 photos or video posts per week. 

This should result in 1-2 hours of work per week which is tracked automatically by the application based on your activities.

We hope this is useful. If you'd like any more information or help on this subject, please get in touch.