Working with Agents

Do you need help communicating with your agents as to how using TAP will benefit them and their students?

Here at TAP we completely understand the importance of your working relationships with your agent network. They're an incredibly important part of the overall recruitment effort and will often be working with large volumes of students in-country. 

We would highly advize institutions that do work with agents to encourage them to connect their students/families with your ambassadors. 

The key points and benefits to share with your agents are the following:

  • Brand differentiation
    By positioning themselves as an agency whereby students are given the opportunity to connect with current students directly, it helps set them apart from their competitors and encourages more students to work with them.
  • Better customer experience
    As a result of being able to directly connect their students with ambassadors, their students can expect quick and easy-to-understand as well as relatable answers from an authentic source. 
  • Improved conversion rates
    As a result of the above they can be confident that they'll be working with happy, well-informed students who will not only make positive decisions, but be empowered to make them quicker, thus speeding up the conversion cycle. 
  • Retain credit for sharing leads 
    Through TAP's tracked links, agents will retain their name against students as the feature allows for individual prospects to be attributed to specific sources, in this case, an agent or agency.