What is Trend Insights?

An article outlining the key features of Trend Insights.

Trend Insights is one of the many data reports you'll find in the Reporting section of the dashboard to provide you with rich data insights on your prospects and their conversations. Within Trend Insights you can see, at a glance, which topics your prospects are talking about.

How are the topics of conversation being detected?

All messages are scanned by our self-learning AI technology to pick up on words and phrases that are linked in our responses database. Each conversation is then labelled with the relevant trend topics, which you can view and refine from the ‘Messaging section'.

How can I use the feature effectively?

The knowledge Trends Insights offers will help you ensure your ambassadors are fully prepared on what sort of topics they might be asked about, and will give you ideas for campaigns aimed at prospects based on the very questions they want to know the answers to. Directly within the report you can get started creating FAQs and requesting content from your ambassadors based on the real time data you see:

If you have any questions about Trend Insights, please don't hesitate in contacting your Customer Success Manager or email support@theambassadorplatform.com for further information.